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Meishi Ban Mien Noodles Broad Chinese Handcut Hakka Thick 300gm
Chinese handcut hakka noodles broad. ..
Rs. 180 Rs. 150
Ex Tax: Rs. 150
Real Thai Fish Sauce 200ML
The base for making most Thai curries fish sauce is a must have ingredient for most Thai cuisine.&nb..
Rs. 175
Ex Tax: Rs. 175
Real Thai Green Curry Paste Soup 60GMS
Green curry paste soup from Real Thai. This authentic  soup paste can be used to create Thai so..
Rs. 60
Ex Tax: Rs. 60
Real Thai Red Curry Paste Soup 60gm
The ultimate soup which packs a punch, the red curry paste soup. ..
Rs. 60
Ex Tax: Rs. 60
Real Thai Sweet and Sour Tamarind Sauce 150ML
Ideal for satays, brilliant in your curry for a sweet and tangy taste, this sauce is a versatile add..
Rs. 195
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Real Thai Yellow Curry Paste 50 gm
Real Thai Yellow Curry Paste..
Rs. 60
Ex Tax: Rs. 60
 Thai Bird Eye Chilli
Considered one of the ten hottest chilli peppers in the world. It is a widely added ingredient in mo..
Rs. 80
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Blue Elephant Panaeng Curry Paste 70g
Great Panaeng curry paste made in a jiffy. ..
Rs. 255
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Blue Elephant Red Curry Paste 70g
Free from preservatives, MSG and artificial colours, the red curry paste is an authentic thai recipe..
Rs. 255
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Meishi Vietnamese Noodles Fine 300gm
Rs. 230
Ex Tax: Rs. 230
Organic Thai Chilli
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Thai chili is a chili pepper commonly found in South East Asia. They are also grown In India in Megh..
Rs. 50
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Pantai Bamboo Shoot Strip
Bamboo shoot strips are high on fibre, have natural antioxidant properties are fat free and great ta..
Rs. 250
Ex Tax: Rs. 250
Real Thai Jasmine Rice 250GMS
The delectable taste and aroma of thai jasmine rice. Free from artificial colours and flavour, Can b..
Rs. 225
Ex Tax: Rs. 225
Trikaya Thai Mix
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Order Trikaya Thai Ingredients Mix Online Trikaya Thai Mix contains a mix of fresh ingredients requ..
Rs. 90
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Authentic Thai ingredients from coconut cream to Jasmine rice carefully curated.

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