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Organic Chilli
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A spicier version of the regular chilly these organic chillies are noted for their great taste and f..
Rs. 40
Ex Tax: Rs. 40
Organic Essential Vegetables Basket
Chemicals free, pesticide free, grown organically this basket of good health is what you need. Try o..
Rs. 650
Ex Tax: Rs. 650
Organic Tomato
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Organic tomatoes are said to be packed with higher amounts of Vitamin C and compounds which are heal..
Rs. 38
Ex Tax: Rs. 38
Arla Whipping Cream 200ML
The Arla cooperative is a global dairy company owned by European dairy farmers that sell their produ..
Rs. 475
Ex Tax: Rs. 475
Baby Lobster
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Fresh baby lobster\, fresh from the ocean. The cool, clear water and ardent saltiness give the id..
Rs. 845
Ex Tax: Rs. 845
Dara or Threadfin Fillet Boneless 500GM
Known as indian salmon it falls in the category of oily fish which is nutritious. Available in steak..
Rs. 205
Ex Tax: Rs. 205
Exotic Vegetables Seasonal Basket 800GM-1KG
Our Exotic Basket selection  contains Broccoli 1 piece,Garlic Hand Peeled 100 gm, Baby Corn&nb..
Rs. 550
Ex Tax: Rs. 550
Fresh Fruit Basket
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. The fresh fruit basket contains a variety of fresh fruits.Watermelon 1 piece, Red apples 4-6 pcs, ..
Rs. 750
Ex Tax: Rs. 750
Sea Bass Whole Cut 1KG
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Whole sea bass cut in fillets. ..
Rs. 1,040
Ex Tax: Rs. 1,040
Seer or Surmai Fish Sliced
Cleaned and sliced seer fish..
Rs. 747
Ex Tax: Rs. 747
Seer Whole
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A sea fish among the mackerel variety of species, the Seer is found in the Indian Ocean and adjoinin..
Rs. 520
Ex Tax: Rs. 520
Sole Fish
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Sole is a flat fish which is used in making a fantastic lemon butter sole. Cooks easily without adde..
Rs. 520
Ex Tax: Rs. 520
Sugarcane Diced 200g
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Sugarcane Diced 200gms 1 packet , enjoy hassle free hygienically packed fresh sugarcane sliced and d..
Rs. 22
Ex Tax: Rs. 22
Wild Salmon Whole
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Delight in the flavour of the refreshing wild Indian salmon. Packed and cleaned according to portion..
Rs. 523
Ex Tax: Rs. 523
Organic Bhindi
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Our organic bhindi is farmed organically and is fresh and crisp in taste. High in beneficial fiber, ..
Rs. 24
Ex Tax: Rs. 24
Organic Onion
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Organic onions full of great taste and pungent flavour. Chopping an onion is worth shedding a ..
Rs. 16
Ex Tax: Rs. 16
Peeled and Deveined Prawns Medium 500GMS
Enjoy eating your favourite prawns without the additional hassle of peeling and deveining them since..
Rs. 780
Ex Tax: Rs. 780
Salmon Slices Indian 500GM
Salmon is an excellent source of high-quality protein, vitamins and minerals such as potassium, se..
Rs. 780
Ex Tax: Rs. 780
Brinjal Big
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The large brinjal has many culinary uses. Used to make the delectable bharta or in bakes with grated..
Rs. 34
Ex Tax: Rs. 34
Organic Capsicum Green
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Green Capsicums are the sharpest in taste and yellow capsicums are the sweetest...
Rs. 24
Ex Tax: Rs. 24
Organic Coriander Leaves
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Organically farmed coriander...
Rs. 48
Ex Tax: Rs. 48
Organic Fenugreek
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Fenugreek is native to Southeastern Europe and Asia. Its utilized both as a spice as well as a herb..
Rs. 39
Ex Tax: Rs. 39
Organic Ginger Thin
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Organic ginger with its intense taste and healing benefits is ideal for all your cooking requirement..
Rs. 48
Ex Tax: Rs. 48
Organic India Tulsi Masala Tea Bag 25
Organic Tulsi tea infused with organic spices. Box of 25 ..
Rs. 174
Ex Tax: Rs. 174
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