Indian Superfoods

One normally associates superfoods with Kale, broccoli, berries, quinoa and chia however according to nutritionists Indian superfoods pack a equally healthy punch. In this list one can include Jackfruit, Kokum, sugarcane, ambadi, green almonds. In this section we list some great products for you which are the Indian versions of superfoods. 

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Brotos are sun dried sprouted pulses prepared using unique solar conduction drying process. this har..
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Grown in hygienic soil free conditions from Green Tokri Farms..
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Grown in hygenic soil free conditions from Green Tokri farms..
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Considered a superfood, Bee Pollen is 40 % assimilable protiens and is called the perfect food as it..
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Organic Moringa Power from Organic India..
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Turmeric is now considered a superfood in the West. India has long known the secrets of this wonderf..
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Parsi Dairy cow ghee in a Jar. ..
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The delicious Parsi Dairy Cow Ghee is now available in a convenient jar. ..
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Organic Besan from Phalada Agro..
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