Indian Superfoods

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Our Organik Tree Halim- Gardencress Seeds 200GM
This small but mighty herb has astonishing health benefits. ..
Rs. 250
Ex Tax: Rs. 250
Our Organik Tree Moringa Powder
Considered a superfood, moringa powder is highly nutritious for those with an active lifestyle. Rich..
Rs. 275
Ex Tax: Rs. 275
Our Organik Tree Wheat grass Powder 100GM
Considered a superfood natural wheatgrass powder is an excellent health drink ..
Rs. 290
Ex Tax: Rs. 290
Himalayan Bee Pollen Granules 100GMS
Considered a superfood, Bee Pollen is 40 % assimilable protiens and is called the perfect food as it..
Rs. 360
Ex Tax: Rs. 360
Organic India Ashwagandha Capsule 60's
Ashwagandha is a superfood, these herbal capsules are a source ..
Rs. 175
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Organic India Turmeric Capsule 60's
Turmeric is now considered a superfood in the West. India has long known the secrets of this wonderf..
Rs. 295
Ex Tax: Rs. 295
Pure and Sure Organic Moringa Powder 150GM
Superfood Moringa leaf powder has many health benefits, a significant source of vitamins B, C, A, K,..
Rs. 200
Ex Tax: Rs. 200
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One normally associates superfoods with Kale, broccoli, berries, quinoa and chia however according to nutritionists Indian superfoods pack a equally healthy punch. In this list one can include Jackfruit, Kokum, sugarcane, ambadi, green almonds. In this section we list some great products for you which are the Indian versions of superfoods. 

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