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Boutique Foods Millet Flour
Boutique Foods Millet Flour can be used in cereals and soups, in breads, while baking or for ro..
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Anirik Raw Chia Seeds 100GMS
Rich source of protien, low calorie seeds, source of antioxidants, soak them in water and consume.&n..
Rs. 130
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Eco Fresh Flax Seed
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Flax seeds or Alsi have tremendous health benefits and are regularly listed in superfoods. They help..
Rs. 45
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Eco Fresh Proso Millet 500GMS
Gluten free, ancient grain and a superfood. ..
Rs. 95
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Mo's Black garlic
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Fresh garlic fermented under controlled temperature and humidity for 45 to 90 days. It is ..
Rs. 330
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Praakritik Sattu Atta Organic 500GMS
Ingredients : Roasted Channa& Barley Bengal gram (channa) : Sattu has been used as a..
Rs. 170
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Trikaya Wheatgrass
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Grown in Trikaya farms this nutrient dense food is ideal for weight watchers. Available in 75GM pack..
Rs. 60
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Fresh Avocado Indian
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Regarded as a superfood, Avocado is a highly nutritious vegetable, it helps in mineral absorption, w..
Rs. 340
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Himalayan Bee Pollen Granules 100GMS
Considered a superfood, Bee Pollen is 40 % assimilable protiens and is called the perfect food as it..
Rs. 305
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Jus Amazin Almond Butter Dark Chocolate 125 GM
Dairy free gluten free peanut free, soy free and vegan. Refined sugar- free, artificial preservative..
Rs. 350
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Naturally Yours Amaranth Flour 500GMS
Organic amaranth flour has a variety of culinary uses. Tasty, nutritious and gluten free, Amaranth f..
Rs. 126
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Naturally Yours Black Rice 500GMS
The rare and exotic varieties grown in small pockets of Burma (Myanmar) and India. Black rice is ric..
Rs. 195
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Naturally Yours Black Rice Flakes 500GMS
These flattened black rice flakes or poha are high in fibre, naturally gluten free eaisily digestibl..
Rs. 95
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Naturally Yours Chia Seeds 100GMS
Mild and nutty flavored, chia seeds were cultivated long ago by the Aztecs and the Mayans. The name ..
Rs. 105
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Naturally Yours Flax Seeds 500GMS
Rich in Omega 3, organic, vegetarian and improves bowel health. Helps in reduction of cholestrol lev..
Rs. 165
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Naturally Yours Goji Berries 100GMS
Goji Berries, also known as wolfberries, are one of the most prized superfruits in the Asian traditi..
Rs. 390
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Naturally Yours Healthy Seed Mix
Made with organic sunflower, watermelon and pumpkin seeds. ..
Rs. 59
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Naturally Yours Quinoa 500GMS
Quinoa is the most nutritious of all grains and is similar in size and texture of rice. The grains a..
Rs. 290
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Naturally Yours Raw Pumpkin Seeds
If youÂ’re in the mood for a chewy snack that doubles as a phenomenal health food, look no further t..
Rs. 129
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Organic India Ashwagandha Capsule 60's
Ashwagandha is a superfood, these herbal capsules are a source ..
Rs. 175
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Organic India Turmeric Capsule 60's
Turmeric is now considered a superfood in the West. India has long known the secrets of this wonderf..
Rs. 295
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Organic Indian Gooseberry
Indian gooseberry or Amla is very rich in vitamin C and contains minerals and calcium. Considered a ..
Rs. 50
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Super foods are thought to be great for one's health. Blueberries, Salmon, Kale, Acai berry are popular superfoods. In this section we also include Quinoa, Flaxseeds and Goji berry

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