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Birista- Crispy  Fried  Onion
Crispy fried onions, not dehydrated. Packed in silver foil packaging to maintain crispness. Use it i..
Rs. 100
Ex Tax: Rs. 100
Himalayan Pink Salt Ajwain
Taste delicious Himalayan Pink Salt with an Indian twist, this intense flavored salt is ideal for ad..
Rs. 85
Ex Tax: Rs. 85
Himalayan Pink Salt Garlic Ajwain Hing
Himalayan Pink Salt ..
Rs. 85
Ex Tax: Rs. 85
Himalayan Pink Salt Ginger
Himalayan Pink Salt Ginger..
Rs. 65
Ex Tax: Rs. 65
Himalayan Pink Salt Ginger Black Pepper
Himalayan Pink Salt Ginger Black Pepper..
Rs. 85
Ex Tax: Rs. 85
Kolkata Style Biriyani Moshla
An authentic spice blend used to create Kolkata style biriyani. Garam Moshla (cardamom, cinnamon, c..
Rs. 350
Ex Tax: Rs. 350
Organic India Saffron Threads
Organic India Saffron Threads..
Rs. 899
Ex Tax: Rs. 899
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Organic spices, spice mixes for chicken curry, black salt, spices for making juices, oregano, paprika, our spice section is as varied as your taste. Try our ranges from 24 Mantra Organic, Keya and Roopak, Asenar Masalas

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