Our rice section consists of a variety of rice from the humble broken rice to the Kerala red rice and from the handpounded organic raw rice to brown rice and black Japanese rice. Our newly introduced millet section gives you a variety of millets you can include in your diet.

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Certified organic rice by a nutritionist for those who enjoy natural wholesome food. ..
Rs. 120
Ex Tax: Rs. 120
Certified organic rice by a nutritionist for those who enjoy natural wholesome food. ..
Rs. 125
Ex Tax: Rs. 125
Organic brown rice from Our Organik Tree, brown rice has lower GI than white rice making it a more h..
Rs. 70
Ex Tax: Rs. 70
Rs. 100
Ex Tax: Rs. 100
Hand pounded organic village rice. ..
Rs. 75
Ex Tax: Rs. 75
Certified organic produce by a nutritionist, our organic tree red rice is the first step towards a n..
Rs. 100
Ex Tax: Rs. 100
It is considered healthier to have Bamboo rice than rice from paddy. Rich in protien it helps to ove..
Rs. 275
Ex Tax: Rs. 275
Organic basmati rice from certified organic farms..
Rs. 175
Ex Tax: Rs. 175
Brown basmati rice from Eco fresh is not only organic, chemical and preservative free but a healthi..
Rs. 89
Ex Tax: Rs. 89
Eco Fresh Brown Sona masoori rice. ..
Rs. 40
Ex Tax: Rs. 40
Organic hand-pounded Ambemohar rice..
Rs. 110
Ex Tax: Rs. 110
Organic Brown basmati Rice from Ecofresh is grown using traditional farming methods. ..
Rs. 94
Ex Tax: Rs. 94
Organic Indrayani Rice from Eco Fresh. ..
Rs. 44
Ex Tax: Rs. 44
Organic white basmati rice. ..
Rs. 189
Ex Tax: Rs. 189
The rare and exotic varieties grown in small pockets of Burma (Myanmar) and India. Black rice is ric..
Rs. 195
Ex Tax: Rs. 195
These flattened black rice flakes or poha are high in fibre, naturally gluten free eaisily digestibl..
Rs. 95
Ex Tax: Rs. 95
Pure and Sure organic besan..
Rs. 135
Ex Tax: Rs. 135
Certified organic rice flour, made from the finest quality rice sourced from certified organic farms..
Rs. 43
Ex Tax: Rs. 43
The delectable taste and aroma of thai jasmine rice. Free from artificial colours and flavour, Can b..
Rs. 225 Rs. 200
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Black Rice is considered as the new super food. Often called longevity rice it is native to China an..
Rs. 390
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