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Desi Classic Atta - Gluten Free
Desi Classic Atta - Gluten Free
Rice, Brown Rice, Sorghum, Besan, Urad dal,Yellow Moong dal , Tapioca Starch, SaltRice, Brown Rice..
Rs. 170
Ex Tax: Rs. 170
Desi Supreme Atta Gluten Free
Desi Supreme Atta Gluten Free
Brown rice, Rice, Sorghum, White Sorghum, Moong dal, Tapioca Starch, Salt.Brown rice, Rice, Sorghum,..
Rs. 190
Ex Tax: Rs. 190
Praakritik Khapli or Emmerwheat  Atta Organic 1 KG
Our Khapli is sourced from the belgaum belt in Karnataka. Emmer wheat, commonly is also kn..
Rs. 149
Ex Tax: Rs. 149
Praakritik Sattu Atta Organic 500GMS
Ingredients : Roasted Channa& Barley Bengal gram (channa) : Sattu has been used as a..
Rs. 195
Ex Tax: Rs. 195
Praakritik Singhara Atta Organic 500GMS
Health Benefits of Water Chestnut flour : Singhara flour is rich in potassium content an..
Rs. 240
Ex Tax: Rs. 240
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Variety of pulses, grains, healthy flours and Millet

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