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Pulses Flours & millet

Variety of pulses, grains, healthy flours and Millet

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Organic, pesticide free masoor dal from 24 Mantra. ..
Rs. 95
Ex Tax: Rs. 95
24 Mantra Organic Kabuli Chana...
Rs. 140
Ex Tax: Rs. 140
24 Mantra Urad Black split is a nutritious dal which is reccomended for diabetics as well. This deli..
Rs. 126
Ex Tax: Rs. 126
Seven Grain Flour is stone ground to preserve its moisture and nutrient content. It is a mix of Whea..
Rs. 73
Ex Tax: Rs. 73
Split Bengal gram has a low glycemic index and good for people with diabetes. It is aslo high in fib..
Rs. 168
Ex Tax: Rs. 168
Conscious Food split this wheat in the chakki to bring you this naturally nutritious dhalia.This foo..
Rs. 48
Ex Tax: Rs. 48
Suji is prepared after sprouting and drying of the wheat. It can be used to make puddings and savour..
Rs. 96
Ex Tax: Rs. 96
This chakki-ground flour contains high amount of protein, minerals like calcium and vitamin C.It is ..
Rs. 129
Ex Tax: Rs. 129
Barley contains eight essential amino acids. Research suggests that eating whole grain barley regula..
Rs. 95
Ex Tax: Rs. 95
Bengal gram is an excellent source of iron, folate, phosphorus and protien. Its high fibre content m..
Rs. 99
Ex Tax: Rs. 99
Besan has all the benefits of chana and rich source of proteins and minerals such as phosphorus, cal..
Rs. 159
Ex Tax: Rs. 159
Chickpeas are low on fat and most of the fat it contains is polyunsaturated. It is a good source of ..
Rs. 123
Ex Tax: Rs. 123
This is highly nutritious and known to be good source of calcium, magnesium, iron and fibre. This is..
Rs. 109
Ex Tax: Rs. 109
Green Gram whole Mung tastes wonderful as a daal, as a soup with vegetables or in salads. ..
Rs. 118
Ex Tax: Rs. 118
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This is soluable and insoluble dietary fibre regulating blood sugar . It has vitamin B1 & K. Raj..
Rs. 123
Ex Tax: Rs. 123
Brown rice, ragi, bajra, jowar, bhatwan, jav make up this special combination. Since it is without ..
Rs. 78
Ex Tax: Rs. 78
Sprouted Ragi also known as nachni or finger millet and has a texture and taste that is unique. High..
Rs. 109
Ex Tax: Rs. 109
Pearl Millet commonly known as Bajra is rich in essential compounds such as protien, fiber, magnesiu..
Rs. 64
Ex Tax: Rs. 64
Organic chickpea farmed without chemicals or pesticides. ..
Rs. 159
Ex Tax: Rs. 159
Eco fresh Masoor Dal or red lentil, farmed organically without pesticides or chemicals. ..
Rs. 84
Ex Tax: Rs. 84
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Eco Fresh Masoor dal whole farmed organically without chemicals or pesticides. ..
Rs. 79
Ex Tax: Rs. 79
Turkish gram or moth bean is a versatile legume. Can be used as a spicy salad or as a lentil or dal...
Rs. 78
Ex Tax: Rs. 78
Moong dal split. ..
Rs. 83
Ex Tax: Rs. 83
Organic poha or beaten rice is considered a great breakfast item. ..
Rs. 54
Ex Tax: Rs. 54
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Rs. 55
Ex Tax: Rs. 55
Organic toor dar or split pigeon pea. ..
Rs. 72
Ex Tax: Rs. 72
Organic Urad Dal without chemicals and preservatives. ..
Rs. 121
Ex Tax: Rs. 121
The famous Sharbati wheat is know for its great taste and quality...
Rs. 80
Ex Tax: Rs. 80
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