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Naturally Yours Fusilli Pasta 250GMS
Organic Fusilli Pasta is made from the finest quality organic wheat semolina. ..
Rs. 95
Ex Tax: Rs. 95
Naturally Yours Gluten Free  Quinoa Pasta 250GMS
Superdelicious pack of gluten free Quinoa pasta is made with best quality quinoa. Made in a gluten f..
Rs. 192
Ex Tax: Rs. 192
Naturally Yours Gluten Free Multi Grain Pasta 250GMS
Made with multimillet grains. It is gluten free and delicious to taste. ..
Rs. 179
Ex Tax: Rs. 179
Naturally Yours Red Rice Noodles 180g
Made from best quality red rice\, these noodles are remarkably easy to cook. Comes with its own seas..
Rs. 120
Ex Tax: Rs. 120
Naturally Yours Soya Noodles
Made from the finest quality Soya\, these noodles are delicious and easy to cook. Healthy and full o..
Rs. 120
Ex Tax: Rs. 120
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We love pasta and Noodles so we should take time out to see which pastas suit us, a variety and range of gluten free pasta, multimillet noodles, soy noodles, red rice noodles are available in the market today. More and more people are trying out buckwheat pasta, quinoa pasta, spinach pasta and zoodles. The reason being that which they address your carb requirements they are also working hard to make sure that you have the maximum protien and vegetable intake. these new age pastas and noodles are easy to cook and do not taste any different from regular pasta. Buy pasta online and noodles online made of multimillet, quinoa,red rice, buckwheat and other super healthy ingredients. Cook a healthy meal of these pastas for your family. Children love its taste and colour. Make yummy and nutritious meals which are full of health for your family today. Pair it with broccoli, fresh zucchini, bell peppers and more from Gourmetdelight

Our pasta section has a great range from Farfelle, Fusilli, Maccheroni, Pennerigate, Durum Wheat, whole wheat spaghetti, pappardel, Tagliardi verdi, whole wheat fusili, wheat penne, and linguini pasta with squid ink we have in our enthusiasm also added the Phad Thai noodles simply because we love them so much.

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