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Semi hard yellow Indian cheddar . Mellow and authentic in taste. ..
Rs. 210
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Tangy orange marmalade from LVF. ..
Rs. 295
Ex Tax: Rs. 295
Certified pure organic olive oil from Organic Origins ..
Rs. 513
Ex Tax: Rs. 513
Farm traceable organic oyster mushrooms, These delicate mushrooms have a nutty and subtle flavour id..
Rs. 110
Ex Tax: Rs. 110
Certified groundnut oil by a nutritionist. ..
Rs. 415
Ex Tax: Rs. 415
Certified organic mustard oil by a nutritionist. ..
Rs. 415
Ex Tax: Rs. 415
Organic coconut oil without chemicals and pesticides. ..
Rs. 163
Ex Tax: Rs. 163
Organic Cucumber and spinach soup available in a glass bottle. Ideal for a healthy snack on the go.&..
Rs. 260
Ex Tax: Rs. 260
Unusually large pieces of lime for your fresh lemonade. These succulent juicy limes are absolutely d..
Rs. 22
Ex Tax: Rs. 22
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This paneer is handmade from fresh cow milk supplied from the farms. No artificial products are used..
Rs. 105
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Delicate onion flavoured herb In the pursuit to transform agriculture and in turn influence hea..
Rs. 45
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Farmed sustainably using mist technique, grown organically without soil. In the pursuit to tran..
Rs. 70
Ex Tax: Rs. 70
A Flavorsome mix of Lollorosso , Simpson, cherry tomatoes and sliced Jalapenos. Packed with a light ..
Rs. 50 Rs. 35
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Rs. 400
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Buy mutton curry cut from Al Fahad farms ..
Rs. 310
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Fresh mutton liver from Al Fahad farms ..
Rs. 400
Ex Tax: Rs. 400
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Enjoy quality mutton mince from Al Fahad ..
Rs. 138
Ex Tax: Rs. 138
Mutton shanks are best prepared with rich gravy in true hyderabadi style. Indian recipes have a trea..
Rs. 388
Ex Tax: Rs. 388
Thousand Island dressing from American Kitchen..
Rs. 225
Ex Tax: Rs. 225
Arla Danish white cheese is soft and creamy. You can make a variety of salads which use feta cheese ..
Rs. 245
Ex Tax: Rs. 245
Called Cardamom in Hindi and Kannada, Elaichi bananas are sweeter than regular bananas, Naturally fl..
Rs. 56
Ex Tax: Rs. 56
Organic Tilapia is well known for it's mellow flavour, white-flesh and is accessible all thro..
Rs. 225
Ex Tax: Rs. 225
Delicious Black Pomfret whole fish in slices. ..
Rs. 488
Ex Tax: Rs. 488
Rs. 495
Ex Tax: Rs. 495
Rs. 275
Ex Tax: Rs. 275
Natural Raspberry preserve from Bonne Maman. ..
Rs. 285
Ex Tax: Rs. 285
Rs. 275
Ex Tax: Rs. 275
Good as small breakfast bites,hors  d'oeuvre,mini sandwiches,fillings. BRIDOR Fr..
Rs. 50
Ex Tax: Rs. 50
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