Lettuce Endive

Lettuce Endive

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Slice the endive in thin strips and add to any of your favourite salads. It is great on the grill. Brush each endive with olive oil then grill until browned and slightly wilted on grilled side. The leaves are crunchy and slightly bitter though the flavor mellows a bit when it is cooked and even gets a bit sweet.

Endive is a cool weather crop like lettuce, with a crisp texture and robust flavor. The inner leaves are sweeter, but the more mature outer leaves deliver a bit of kick to the taste buds – in a good way. You'll often find it in fancy mixes of lettuce greens because of its attractive, frilly leaves.

It turns out that endive is nutritious as well. In juicing, it's best to blend endive with other veggies for a sweeter - or at least more neutral - taste. In salads, endive adds an interesting zest, and can be cooked tender-crisp like spinach, as a wrapping for meat or fish.

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