Lettuce Simpson by Aerogrens

Lettuce Simpson by Aerogrens

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Farmed sustainably using mist technique, grown organically without soil. Crisp and brilliant green, these succulent lettuce are a must try. 

In the pursuit to transform agriculture and in turn influence healthier eating habits, we, at Aerogreens, decided to build polyhouses that not only produce chemical-free, pesticide-free and highly nutritious food but also create sustainable and ecologically responsible. Sharing our harvest with everyone is our abiding passion.Our locally grown, safe and delicious greens will keep your tastebuds and calories in check.

In Aeroponics farms are built  deploying  plants into special casings, with the top of the plant outside the tube, and the roots suspended inside the tube,in air. We mist the roots on a regular basis with a special mist of a nutrient-rich, water-mix solution. As the whole system is a closed loop, we save a lot of water since the nutrient mix is fully recycled and reused.We use just 10% water of what regular farms use.

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