Green Apple or Granny Smith Apples

Green Apple or Granny Smith Apples

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One of the healthiest choices you can make, Granny smith apples with their distinct flavour, are crisp and can be used in salads, they are loaded with phytonutrients. 

Used in baked dishes for the ability to hold their shape while cooked and their high acidity, you can use them for savoury pies, meat tarts.

You can never get bored of apples. One such fruit that is available all the year round and is loaded with nutrition, apples from Green Smith are especially good in taste and texture. Sliced, cubed, grated, apples taste great in all forms. Make healthy snacks like pies and sauces with apples for kids, serve them fresh in fruit tiffin sizes or keep them handy in your bag for a healthy munch when you are hungry on the go.


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