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Gluten Free Bread 500GM
Gluten Free Bread 500GM
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Made in a dedicated gluten free facility, this gluten free bread is healthy. The surprising health b..
Rs. 180
Ex Tax: Rs. 180
Gluten Free Pizza Base 8inches 2 Pcs
This pizza base is free from gluten made in a 100% dedicated gluten free facility 2 pcs are ava..
Rs. 90
Ex Tax: Rs. 90
Keto Almond Bread
Keto Almond Bread
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Ingredients :Almond Flour, Whey Protein, Oligofructose, Baking Powder, Xanthan Gum, Water, Salt. Wit..
Rs. 300
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Buy sourdough and challah breads online, we sell fresh breads, baked daily, buy protien and vegan breads, our breads are made with no preservatives and chemicals to ensure that you have a healthy start in the morning. Coupled with our chemical free milk and dairy, A2 Milk, Raw Milk and Brown Near Organic Eggs, this can be an ideal start to the day. Buy breads online, buy croissants online, buy sourdough online or healthy protien and vegan breads online. We have many options which will surely delight you. 

A great breakfast starts with the right options, sourdough breads are gaining popularity in India because they are made handmade yeast and we have the whole wheat sourdough option as well. The yeast predigests the bread which make it easier for absorption and prevent bloating which can happen with commercial bread. Sourdough is a prebiotic which means that it is gut friendly. Other prebiotic options available are Mo's Kefir Milk, Mo's Himalayan Chaas Kefir. Visit our Beverages section to choose from prebiotic cheese, Chaas Kefir and more to accompany the bread. Just flour, salt and water make sourdough a healthier option. We also have helathy options such as Protein bread which is vegetarian and multi protien and Vegan Bread from The Health Factory. Available as sliced bread, these freshly baked breads will make sure that you have a healthy start everyday. 

Buy Dinner Rolls, sliced bread, brown bread, protien bread, vegan bread, sourdough, sourdough wholewheat, challah and more. 

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