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Pointed Gourd or Padwal
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Potatoes have a sweeter flavour. Versatile in its use they can be steamed, broiled, grilled, stir fr..
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Radish Mooli
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Fresh Radish or Mooli is great for salads as well as a stuffing for parathas. ..
Rs. 20
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Raw Banana
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Raw banana less resistant stach, lower GI...
Rs. 25
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Red Globe Grapes Seedless
Red globe grapes are primarily used as table grapes, amongst the largest berries in the grape family..
Rs. 250
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Ridge Gourd
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Rich in dietary fiber, contains beta carotene. Ridge gourd is commonly used in Asian cuisine. ..
Rs. 65
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Rock Vally Fresh White Button Mushroom
Fresh white button mushroom from Rock Valley Mushroom Farms. ..
Rs. 55
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Snake Gourd
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Rs. 43
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Sprouts Mixed
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Mixed sprouts, ideal for your salads. Moong, Moth and Bean sprouts combined. Sprouts are subject to ..
Rs. 40
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Sweet Corn (Bhutta)
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Sweet corn is a delicious treat in the monsoon with a dash of fresh lime and spices. Try them with f..
Rs. 85
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Tomato 500GMS
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Tomatoes are said to be packed with higher amounts of Vitamin C and compounds which are healthier fo..
Rs. 18
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Trikaya American Curly Kale
American Curly Kale is one of the healthiest and most nutritious plant foods in existence. Kale is a..
Rs. 104
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Trikaya Baby Pak Choi
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With a flavour similar to cabbage or spinach, pak choy is crisp and best served slightly cooked. The..
Rs. 62
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Trikaya Baby Spinach
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Fresh baby spinach leaves are succulent and great addition to your salads. ..
Rs. 60
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Trikaya Bamboo Shoot in Brine
Promoted in Asian cuisine for its numerous health benefits the bamboo shoot has medicinal benefits, ..
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Trikaya Beef Tomato
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Large red juicy tomato from Trikaya. ..
Rs. 48
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Trikaya Carrot Rainbow
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Rainbow coloured carrots are a visual delight and used extensively to create artistic food presentat..
Rs. 100
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Trikaya Chinese Cabbage
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With pale, tightly wrapped, succulent leaves and crisp, broad, white ribs and a delicate, mild, swe..
Rs. 150
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Trikaya Edible Flowers Mix
Edible flowers have a variety of culinary uses besides looking beautiful on your plate. Use them to ..
Rs. 120
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Trikaya Endive
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Endive is a curly leaf type vegetable which is a cool weather crop like lettuce. It can be used in j..
Rs. 50
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Trikaya Fennel
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Fennel is crunchy and sweet contains phytonutrients this fragrant plant is related to parsley, dill ..
Rs. 55
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Trikaya Italian Basil
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Italian Basil or sweet basil is a wonderful garnish for salads, pizzas and is the main ingredient in..
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Trikaya Large Yellow Tomato
Large yellow juicy tomato..
Rs. 48
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Trikaya Lettuce Butterhead Green
Grown as full-size heads, butterhead lettuce has a sweet buttery flavor and delicate texture of the..
Rs. 48
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Trikaya Lettuce Butterhead Red
Red Butterhead lettuce is a flavourful ingredient in salads, sandwiches and wraps and can really sta..
Rs. 48
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Trikaya Lettuce Iceberg
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Lettuce Iceberg is a perennial salad favourite. ..
Rs. 80
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Trikaya Makroot Leaves/ Kaffir Lime Leaves
Kaffir lime leaves are a fragrant addition to all your Thai meals. They can be used as well in Medit..
Rs. 15
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Trikaya Ready to Eat Salad with Micro Greens
Buy Ready to Eat Salad with Microgreens from TrikayaTrikaya Ready to Eat Salad, with Microgreens an..
Rs. 75
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GourmetDelight brings you fresh vegetables ranging from potatotomato , onions , brinjal , cauliflower , French beans pumpkin , bitter gourd (Karela), bottle gourd (Doodhi), lady finger , radish (Mooli) , beetroot , cabbage (gobi) at best prices. We also bring you a wide array of organic vegetables and exotic vegetables such as organic spinach baby , organic potato , organic tomato organic onion , organic brinjal , organic cauliflowerorganic pumpkin , organic beet root , organic cabbage and more. We also bring you a plethora of fresh fruits from Kumquats to dragon fruit , red globe grapes , Elaichi Banana , Grapefruit , Mangosteen , Red Delicious Apples , Pomegranate and Kiwi ! So, shop away and find yourself those natural, organic, fresh or exotic vegetables and fruits, best suited to your needs
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