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Organic Italian Basil
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Freshly farmed organic Italian basil has the wonderful fresh aroma and taste of authentic Italian ba..
Rs. 94
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Organic Madras Cucumber
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Organic Madras Cucumber is great for South Indian curries. Used in making authentic sambhar. ..
Rs. 60
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Organic Mint
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Organic mint leaves, farmed organically. Preservative free. Excellent for making chutneys, in salads..
Rs. 16
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Organic Muskmelon
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Organically grown muskmelons are a powerhouse of health. Literally loaded with nutrients. Cooling an..
Rs. 101
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Organic Orange 1 KG
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Organically farmed,no chemicals or pesticides, healthy and natural. ..
Rs. 100
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Organic Papaya
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Organic Papaya aids digestion, it is anti inflammatory and has a host of other benefits. ..
Rs. 96
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Organic Picador Chilli
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The Picador chilli is used to make fritters, stuffed, slit and seasoned with spices. The flavour var..
Rs. 45
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Organic Pineapple
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Grown organically without chemicals and pesticides..
Rs. 120
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Organic Pomegranate
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Organic pomegranates with the real taste of ripe pomegranates and all the benefits such as antioxida..
Rs. 136
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Organic Radish
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Organic radish is available which is super crunchy and beneficial for your health. ..
Rs. 19
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Organic Raw Banana Stem
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Organic Raw Banana Stem can be utilized in making great dishes fried or as a side dish by adding coc..
Rs. 53
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Organic Red Amaranth
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Organic Amaranth comes in a variety ranging from green to purple, the seeds of this plant are known ..
Rs. 33
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Organic Red Cabbage
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This beautiful purple red organic cabbage with its beautifully formed leaves is an excellent source..
Rs. 45
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Organic Red Pumpkin
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Red pumpkin is a versatile vegetable which can make any dish tasty. Where you fry it as fritters or ..
Rs. 35
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Organic Ridge Gourd
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Ridge gourd organically grown, fresh and full of taste. Ridge gourds are known for their heali..
Rs. 50
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Organic Round Gourd or Apple Gourd
Indian baby pumpkin or apple gourd is used in almost every Indian home. It belongs to the family of ..
Rs. 48
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Organic Snake Gourd
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Detoxifies, improves the immune system, increases hydration in the body, helps in weight loss. Farme..
Rs. 53
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Organic Sponge Gourd
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Sponge Gourd is a commonly used vegetable in Asian and African countries. When cooked it gives a swe..
Rs. 58
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Organic Spring Onion
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Scallion, green onion are the names the Spring onion goes by. Often used as a vegetable they are del..
Rs. 44
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Organic Sweet Lime(Mosambi 6-10Pcs)
Organic sweet limes, fresh and naturally sweet...
Rs. 105
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Organic Sweet Potato
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Organic sweet potato is farmed organically and has the maximum health benefits. . ..
Rs. 50
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Organic Tendli or Ivy Gourd
Used extensively for savoury dishes the Ivy gourd is like a tiny watermelon. Used for pickles, curry..
Rs. 25
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Organic Tinda
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The tinda also known as the Indian Baby Pumpkin is a squash like cucurbit grown for its immature fru..
Rs. 52
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Organic White Radish
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Organically farmed without the use of chemicals and pesticides ..
Rs. 56
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Organic Zucchini Yellow
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A versatile vegetable this summer squash is low in calories, similar to broccoli and brussel sprouts..
Rs. 70
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.A refreshing versatile fruit, papaya is loaded with benefits. Wonderful and tasty as a fruit, it ca..
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Parsnip by Trikaya
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Parsnip or "Chukander" is a root vegetable similar to carrots. They have a sweet taste when cooked. ..
Rs. 450
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With a wide cyclinderical shape, golden orange hues and blue green leaves with fibrous yellow flesh,..
Rs. 102
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