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Black Grapes Imported
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Imported Black Grapes ..
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Bottle Gourd Doodhi
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Bottle gourd is a versatile vegetable which can be used in many Indian dishes. As a staple in Indian..
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Brinjal Big
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The large brinjal has many culinary uses. Used to make the delectable bharta or in bakes with grated..
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Brinjal Long Green
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Like most fruits and vegetables brinjals are good for your heart. Rich in vitamins, fiber and potass..
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Brinjal Small Kateri
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Small brinjals are delicious in curries. An excellent source of iron, calcium and minerals, an..
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Cherry Indian
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The Cherry Indian is remarkable for its sweet taste and rich colour. Full of antioxidants rich in co..
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Dragon Fruit
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A plant with which produces a beautiful but short-lived fruit with the appearance of a brilliant pin..
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Exotic Fruit  Basket
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Avocado, Rambutan, Kiwi, Fresh Pears Dragon-fruit and Papaya in a cane basket. Fruits are subject to..
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Fresh Chikoo
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Sweet, delicate and full of flavour, the chickoo is also known as "Sapota". It promotes good health..
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Fresh Coriander
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A dish is never complete till it is served with aromatic and attractive garnishing. Corian..
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Fresh Orange Indian
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Antioxidant, full of vitamins and great in taste, the fresh orange is ideal as a summer refresher. ..
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Fresh Pears or Nashpati 500GMS
Fresh and local  juicy pears, full of natural vitamins. ..
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Fresh Tender Coconut
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Tender coconut fresh and green. Ideal for the summer. ..
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Fresh Thyme by Trikaya
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A delicate looking herb with a lasting fragrance, thyme is a wonderful addition to beans and egg dis..
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Galangal or Thai Ginger by Trikaya
Thick and juicy, fibreless with a great flavour, can be used directly in salads. Also to marinate gr..
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Garlic is a wonderful seasoning to add aroma, taste and added nutrition to your dishes. Everyday ..
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Jamun or Black Plum
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Jamun or black plum or Indian Blackberry is an important summer fruit associated with many medicinal..
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Kiwi Green Imported
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Kiwi fruit or Chinese gooseberry is the edible berry of a woody vine. With a fibrous dull brown skin..
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Lady Finger Packed
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Fresh and crisp in taste. Okra is a delightful vegetable. ..
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Long Green Brinjal
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Long green brinjals are delectable in Indian Curry ..
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Longan Fruit
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Similar to the lychee, the longan from the soapberry family has often been referred to as the littl..
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Madras Cucumber
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While it originated in Chennai, Madras Cucumber now has widespread use. Known for its slig..
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Organic Bitter Gourd
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Used as both food and medicine, the bitter gourd has a sharp bitter taste but is excellent for its h..
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Organic Black Brinjal - Long
The long black brinjal has a variety of culinary uses, one can bake them grated with parmesan, slice..
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Organic Brinjal Green
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Organically farmed, this delectable brinjal is great as a veggie dish ..
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Organic Brinjal Large
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Organically farmed, from organic certified producers, pesticide free. Packed with an array of ..
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Organic Brinjal Small
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Grown in an organic farm, chemical free, fertiliizer free. ..
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Organic Capsicum Green
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Green Capsicums are the sharpest in taste and yellow capsicums are the sweetest...
Rs. 24
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