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Organic Banana Robusta
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Organic Bananas, farmed without the use of chemicals and preservatives. Please allow the bananas to ..
Rs. 35
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Organic Cluster Beans
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The organic Guar or cluster bean is the annual legume. Good for diabetics as it has the highest fibr..
Rs. 66
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Organic Green Peas
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A healthy food in terms of nutrient composition and also an environmentally friendly food, these org..
Rs. 75
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Organic Lettuce Iceberg
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Organically farmed, high in water content and low in calories, it is known for its crunchiness. Its ..
Rs. 60
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Trikaya Ready to Eat Salad with Microgreens Mini 60GMS
Pre washed and ready to eat salad containing lollo rosso, green romaine, red oak simpson with red ca..
Rs. 53
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Triyaka Fresh Red Radish
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Crunchy and luscious, the perfect finger food, they made wonderful vibrant addition to salads, have ..
Rs. 53
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Watermelon Stripes
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A delicious variant the striped watermelon is sweet with smaller pips. ..
Rs. 85
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Curled Parsley
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Nutritious and much more than a table garnish parsley has many health benefits. A rich source of ant..
Rs. 55
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Grapes Green Indian
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Fresh green grapes are a healthy choice and low in calories. Love to have fruity bites everyda..
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Nagpur Orange 1KG
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Delicious seasonal oranges from Nagpur, delivered fresh. ..
Rs. 90
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Organic Amaranth Green
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Amaranth greens are also called Chinese spinach. Amaranthus is collectively known as amaranth or pig..
Rs. 35
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Organic Strawberry
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Order Organic Strawberries at best prices What can be better than organic strawberries to cool dow..
Rs. 220 Rs. 110
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Organic Watermelon
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Farmed organically, the watermelon is a great summer cooler. Have it as a juice, sliced or in a sala..
Rs. 140
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Sweet Lime ( Mosambi)
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Sweet lime or Mosambi are round citrus fruits with green to yellow colored peel.Inside the flesh is ..
Rs. 70
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Organic Ash Gourd or Winter Melon
Organic Ash Gourd or Winter Melon chemical free, farmed organically Ash gourd or winter melon or ..
Rs. 88
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Organic Bhindi
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Our organic bhindi is farmed organically and is fresh and crisp in taste. High in beneficial fiber, ..
Rs. 29
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Organic Banana Flower
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The banana flower is a dull pinkish blossom. It's outer covering forms a sheath around the delicate..
Rs. 100
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Pomegranate Red
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Juicy pomegranates are very high in terms of nutrition, have it for your daily dose of antioxidants...
Rs. 100
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Grapes Black Indian
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Indian black grapes. These juicy grapes are tart and sweet at the same time. Enjoy the season's bes..
Rs. 155
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Organic Onion
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Organic onions full of great taste and pungent flavour. Chopping an onion is worth shedding a ..
Rs. 21
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Cow peas  Chawali
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Cow peas or Chawali lends itself to a variety of Indian side dishes, they are also used in Turkish c..
Rs. 28
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Organic Beet
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Beets are a powerhouse of nutrients and their remarkably sweet, earthy flavour is a great bonus whet..
Rs. 30
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Apple Royal Gala
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One of the most widely grown varieties in the world and a mainstay of the supermarket apple selectio..
Rs. 123
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Organic Elephant Yam
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The Elephant Yam or Suran grows in Africa and Asia this large tuber resembles a sweet potato. With a..
Rs. 44
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Organic Sweet Basil
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Basil has been cultivated in India for centuries. It best known as a culinary herb prominently featu..
Rs. 105
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Plums 6 PC Pack
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Fresh Indian plums, tart and sweet. Plums are full of antioxidants, they help reduce free radicals, ..
Rs. 310
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Banana Elaichi
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These small bananas are packed with taste. Nature's own vitality rich fruit that has such a hu..
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Tender sticks of drumstick are ideal for all indian curries.  Drumsticks are dark green b..
Rs. 30
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