Salads & Microgreen

Enjoy refreshing salads and fresh microgreens at Gourmetdelight. Microgreens are miniature leafies harvested at a very early growing stage. Studies show that the nutrients found in microgreens are five times higher than regular leafies. Intense and flavourful, microgreens are finding favour in Chef's creations all over the world. Whether you use them in salads, roasts, meats, desserts they make your dish look attractive and are nutrient dense with minimum effort. Order Beet microgreen, radish microgreen, sunflower microgreen, amaranth microgreen, mixed microgreen, lettuce microgreen mixed. Order Trikaya Moon Salads, salad with arugula, salad with sprout, sweet salad and more at Gourmetdelight. For the widest range of exotic vegetables at best prices. Visit us online. 

Choose from a range of salads from the exotic to organic, with fresh ingredients such as baby spinach, arugulacherry tomatoes and more.

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