Salads and mirogreens

Choose from a range of salads from the exotic to organic, with fresh ingredients such as baby spinach, arugulacherry tomatoes and more.

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Grated beetroot and carrot\, boiled quinoa\, edamame beans\, arugula ribbans\, avocado cubes and ro..
Rs. 200
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Lollo rosso lettuce leaves\, raw papaya\, red and yellow pepper batons and cheery tomato in sweet s..
Rs. 150
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Diced cucumber, pomegranate, onion slivers feta cheese and soaked jowar millet dressed in olive oil ..
Rs. 175
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A blend of spices, dried aromatic herbs and vegetables. A beautiful seasoning for your mozzarel..
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Fresh fragrant  fennel leaves ..
Rs. 22
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Fresh Arugula or Roquette leaves are delightful in your salad bowl. Nothing beats the fragrance of a..
Rs. 50
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Pre washed packaged, convenient contains lettuce iceberg, lollo rosso, green romaine, red oak, baby ..
Rs. 68
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Pre washed and ready to eat salad containing lollo rosso, green romaine, red oak simpson with red ca..
Rs. 35
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A member of the chicory family, crisp textured, sweet nutty flavour with a mild bitterness. Can be s..
Rs. 35
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Delightful fresh pakchoi for all your stir fry items. These fresh greens are full of healthy nutrien..
Rs. 25
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Fresh romaine is crisp for salads and contains healthy nutrients. One of the many varieties of lettu..
Rs. 36
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Roquette or Arugula is used in salads. The fragrant leaves are highly prized as a staple salads ingr..
Rs. 15
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Considered one of the ten hottest chilli peppers in the world. It is a widely added ingredient in mo..
Rs. 80
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Hygienically grown in soil free condition from Green Tokri farm. Water cress microgreen has a pungen..
Rs. 25
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Composed of entirely edible root, stem and leaves, the variegated interior of this beet is tipped wi..
Rs. 78
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An heirloom variety of radish, they are also known as green skinned radish, Chinese Luob or  Ja..
Rs. 75
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Organic Microgreens are tender and tangy greens which are chopped off young usually when they are ab..
Rs. 48
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Organic sunflower microgreens offer one of the most balanced form of plant protein - essential amino..
Rs. 51
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These beautiful radishes are best roasted, have them with a variety of sauces or cream cheese. ..
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Shelled American Sweet Corn. ..
Rs. 25
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Snowpeas are crisp textured and a great winter vegetable. Can be wok tossed or sauteed in high flame..
Rs. 250
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A mix of beet microgreens, sunflower, radish, mustard, peas. Contains brilliant flavour and colour. ..
Rs. 45
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Buy Ready to Eat Salad with Microgreens from TrikayaTrikaya Ready to Eat Salad, with Microgreens an..
Rs. 70
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Bright fuchsia red leaves and a flavour similar to beet greens. An excellent way to add health and c..
Rs. 63
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