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Our organic vegetables section comprises of organically farmed vegetables, leafies and exotic organic vegetables.

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Black cjherry tomatoes are full of antioxidants and excellent as a salad ingredient. ..
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Good for cardiovascular health, vitamin A, prevents free radical damage. This wonder herb is good to..
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Peppery Organic mustard greens\, simply sauteed or batter fried\, taste delightful with onions\, gar..
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Cucumbers are one of the best foods for your body's overall health. Organic cucumbers are teeming wi..
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Organic lemons grown without preservatives and chemicals. ..
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Healthy, a powerhouse of antioxidants, alfalfa sprouts are a great ingredient to add to your diet ..
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Organically farmed Aloe vera leaves grown without the use of chemical fertilizers...
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Amaranth greens are also called Chinese spinach. Amaranthus is collectively known as amaranth or pig..
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Organic Ash Gourd or Winter Melon chemical free, farmed organically ..
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Tiny beets ideal for your salads or creating visual culinary appeal ..
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Organic baby carrots are a great lunch box staple for the kids, make a great side dish too. ..
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Enjoy all the nutritional benefits of Kale with a milder taste and softer leaves. If you are conside..
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These delectable organic baby pakchoi make delicious stir fries. ..
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An excellent visually dramatic and tasty leaf for salads. Baby Rucola or Rocket leaves are an outsta..
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Organic Baby turnip, farmed organically without pesticides and harmful chemicals. These baby turnips..
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These delicate and tender organic baby zucchini's are a culinary delight. ..
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Bursting with flavour and goodness organic yellow zucchini is a visual treat. ..
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The banana flower is a dull pinkish blossom. It's outer covering forms a sheath around the delicate..
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Beets are a powerhouse of nutrients and their remarkably sweet, earthy flavour is a great bonus whet..
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Organic Bell Peppers ..
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Our organic bhindi is farmed organically and is fresh and crisp in taste. High in beneficial fiber, ..
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Used as both food and medicine, the bitter gourd has a sharp bitter taste but is excellent for its h..
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The long black brinjal has a variety of culinary uses, one can bake them grated with parmesan, slice..
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A root vegetable with amazing high levels of antioxidants.  Works as a blood purifier and is gr..
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Full of health and benefits the bottle gourd constitutes a major part of food in Indian cuisine. Bot..
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Organically farmed, this delectable brinjal is great as a veggie dish ..
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Organically farmed, from organic certified producers, pesticide free...
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Grown in an organic farm, chemical free, fertiliizer free. ..
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