Frozen Vegetables & Mushroom

This section consists of easy to frozen vegetables hygienically packed without preservatives. We also showcase a variety of fresh and dried mushroom

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One of the most consumed products, fresh button mushrooms can be used in soups, salads, bakes and in..
Rs. 45
Ex Tax: Rs. 45
Frozen Broccoli is available all year round. ..
Rs. 50
Ex Tax: Rs. 50
Grown in hygenic soil free conditions from Green Tokri farms..
Rs. 59
Ex Tax: Rs. 59
This delightful mushroom pate made from porcini mushrooms is delightful in texture and taste. ..
Rs. 1,200
Ex Tax: Rs. 1,200
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Tender and meaty these mushrooms are best as a side dish accompanying a main course. These versatile..
Rs. 89
Ex Tax: Rs. 89
Fresh white button mushroom from Rock Valley Mushroom Farms. ..
Rs. 55
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Shelled American Sweet Corn. ..
Rs. 25
Ex Tax: Rs. 25
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