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 Arugula 100GMS
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Fresh Arugula or Roquette leaves are delightful in your salad bowl. Nothing beats the fragrance of a..
Rs. 50
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Aerogreens Lettuce Green Lollo Rosso
100% sustainablely farmed, organic and environment friendly. Green Lollo Rosso lettuce.In the pursui..
Rs. 70
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Aloe Vera Leaves - per piece
The benefits of this wonder plant are immense. From skin related disorders to reducing acne. It is g..
Rs. 82
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Exotic Vegetables Seasonal Basket 2kg
Our Exotic Basket selection  contains Broccoli 1 piece, Zucchini Green/Yellow (150g to 200g)..
Rs. 550
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Farmbox Cherry Tomato
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Add color to  your salad. They are nutritious and healthy and are low in calories. Yo..
Rs. 70
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Fennel Leaves 100GM
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Fresh fragrant  fennel leaves  The feathery looking fronds of fennels are grown usin..
Rs. 22
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Lettuce Iceberg
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Crunchy crispy , fresh iceberg lettuce, makes a great summer salad. Contains manganese, magnesium, p..
Rs. 77
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Mixed Microgreens by Aerogreens
Mixed Microgreens by Aerogreens
Now you can buy organic mixed microgreens, a mix of red amaranth, basil, purple basil, beetroot and ..
Rs. 30
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Portobello Mushroom
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Tender and meaty these mushrooms are best as a side dish accompanying a main course. These versatile..
Rs. 106
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Trikaya Green Soy Edamame Frozen
Frozen Green Soy or Edamame, rich in healthy fibre antioxidants and Vitamin K. Available on req..
Rs. 225
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Yellow Cherry Tomato by Aerogreens
Yellow cherry tomatoes are the pick of the season these tangy tomatoes are delightful in salads.&nbs..
Rs. 75
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Broccoli 250GMS
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Broccoli can be considered a dark green leafy vegetable.Broccoli has a strong, positive impact on ou..
Rs. 95
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Leek Fresh
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With their unique combination of flavonoids and sulphur nutrients, vitamin B, the leek is a remarka..
Rs. 55
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Bell Peppers
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Our bell peppers or sweet peppers are crunchy, pungent and full of nutritional value. Fresh an..
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Curled Parsley
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Nutritious and much more than a table garnish parsley has many health benefits. A rich source of ant..
Rs. 55
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Organic Wild Arugula
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Organically farmed using sustainable farming techniques, Arugula, or roquette and rucola is a great ..
Rs. 50
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Organic Thai Basil
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Widely used throughout South East Asia with a flavour which reminds you of licorice, Thai Basil is m..
Rs. 36
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 Kale 100GMS
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Kale is a superfood, it can be used in a variety of dishes , baked or lightly massaged with olive oi..
Rs. 29
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 Red Cherry Tomato
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Fresh cherry tomatoes are tangy and juicy, they can be used in making salads, in your pasta or as a ..
Rs. 75
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 Romaine Lettuce 150GM
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Fresh romaine is crisp for salads and contains healthy nutrients. One of the many varieties of lettu..
Rs. 36
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Baby Corn
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Baby corn is versatile and can be utilized in a variety of dishes. Baby corn is a cereal grain take..
Rs. 44
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Celery is a great snack to reduce in between meal cravings. It is a breath freshener as well.  ..
Rs. 15
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Fresh  Frisee or Curly Endive
A member of the chicory family, crisp textured, sweet nutty flavour with a mild bitterness. Can be s..
Rs. 35
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Fresh Button Mushroom
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One of the most consumed products, fresh button mushrooms can be used in soups, salads, bakes and in..
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Fresh Roquette  100GM
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Roquette or Arugula is used in salads. The fragrant leaves are highly prized as a staple salads ingr..
Rs. 24
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Organic Mustard Microgreen
This intensely flavourful microgreen originally used by Chef's to create a powerful visual appeal ha..
Rs. 60
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Organic Orange Sweet Potato
The beautiful earthy orange coloured tuber can be a talking point at your dinner table. Create outst..
Rs. 65
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Organic Pea Shoot
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Pea shoots are delicious and rich in Vitamin C,A and protein, prominent in Asian cuisine. The tender..
Rs. 56
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