Trikaya Meyer Lemon Large Imported 1kG

Trikaya Meyer Lemon Large Imported 1kG

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Large Yellow lemons are refreshing in a summer drink as well as in your salads. Without the usual tart taste of a regular lemon, yet juicy and citrusy, it has a thin edible rind which is extensively used by chefs in food preparations. This juicy aromatic lemon is often used in sauces, desserts, salads and roasts. 

 Highly Fragrant; the rinds are full of volatile oils. Juice is low in acid, aromatic, floral and sweet.

                          Makes the most divine lemon curd.

Meyer lemons are soft, plumpy, smooth skinned,, dark and canary yellow lemons who get their name from the person who first saw them . Meyer Lemon owes its presence to  USDA’s  agriculture researcher  Frank Meyer who found them during his visit to Asia.

Difference between  regular lemon and meyer lemon


Meyer lemon is  a cross between lemon and mandarin orange, and hence naturally has sourness of lemon and sweetness of orange,  the sharpness of lemon and melody of orange, and the goodness of fruit and a vegetable. 


Meyer lemons are sweeter, so if you are making a lemonade, you may go with less sugar. 


Meyer  lemons have highly intoxicating floral scent. so  it leaves it's scent on whoever touches it. Let your pet play with it and then it will smell lemony fragrance and aroma, you see,  Meyer lemon  smells of lemon plus honey plus thyme--- it is less acidic ,more sweet,you hold it and your hand smells.

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