Red Delicious Apples Washington

Red Delicious Apples Washington

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Red Delicious Washington apples have a bright red appearance and crunchy texture. With a mildly sweet flavour this tasty apple shines in cool crisp salads.

Red Delicious is a heart-shaped fruit with a strikingly splendid red skin that has a few stripes here and there. The flesh is crunchy and extremely succulent with a gentle, sweet flavor. The red shade of Red Delicious makes it high in iron content, and a nutritious additive for smoothies and juices. The sweet flavour of the exemplary organic Red Delicious apple is ideally used when fresh. The strong shade of the skin is a good way of adding colour to different dishes, especially cut to add to a plate of mixed greens or  a chicken salad or coleslaw.

Rich red colour                    Mild sweet in taste         High antioxidant properties                              Ideal of coleslaw  and green salads

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