Imported Plum

Imported Plum

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Imported  plums, dark and sweet. Plums are full of antioxidants, they help reduce free radicals, reverse ageing and regulate digestion. Plums are juicy when eaten fresh, they are also used in making jams and jellies because of their complex flavour. Plum juice, plum extract are used in a variety of cuisine.

As the fruit grows, the outer part ripens into a fleshy juicy exterior, and the inner part forms the stone, or pit, which encloses the seed. The fruits show a wide range of size, flavour, colour, and texture.

Some benefits of plums are:

·         Improves the health of your heart. Rich in antioxidants, plum improves and maintains the health of your heart.

·         Relieves constipation.

·         Protects against cancer.

·         Improves circulation of blood.

·         Lowers cholesterol levels.

·         Good for your skin.

·         Good for your bones.

·         Reduces the appearance of scars.

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