Trikaya Celeriac Root 1 Kg

Trikaya Celeriac Root 1 Kg

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Slowly gaining momentum in the culinary world, celeriac root is loaded with vitamin and minerals. Don't go by its appearance, sometimes dubbed " the ugly vegetable" the Celeriac is loaded with dietary fibre, fights free radicals, improves bone health. The celeriac tastes more concentrated than the celery, can be eaten as a mash or puree and used as an ingredient in many dishes.  

Loaded with potassium it prevents hypertension, contains high amounts of vitamin K and phosphorous helps prevent osteoporosis. Its flavour is a combination of celery and parsley. Think soups, mashed vegetables, a flavourful side dish with this vegetable. Before cooking soak it in water with a splash of vinegar to prevent discolouration while cooking. 

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