Trikaya Exotic English Vegetables

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Trikaya Rocket Wild
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Wild rocket leaves are an all-time salad favourite..
Rs. 83
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Trikaya Roquette Arugula
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With antioxidant properties, this fragrant green plant is packed with vitamins and minerals. Arugula..
Rs. 60
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Trikaya Rosemary
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Some of the most interesting and unique health benefits of rosemary include its ability to boost mem..
Rs. 12
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Trikaya Sunpeach Cherry Tomato
Delicious Pink Cherry tomatoes, not tangy or acidic, just sweet and full of flavour. ..
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Trikaya Thai Bird Chilli
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Birds eye chilli or thai chilli is a small tapered red or green chilli which is extremely pungent an..
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Trikaya Thai Brinjal
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These quaint small brinjals can be used in Thai preparations as well as the Thai curry..
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Trikaya Thai Sweet Basil
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Zucchini Yellow
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Yellow Zucchini or courgette is a summer squash. The miracle squash has lots of vitamin A, less calo..
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Exotic vegetables have a variety of health benefits, today the range of exotic vegetables online are growing at a rapid pace, whether it is Edamame online, Kale, Asparagus online, Fennel, Broccoli, Japanese Mustard our range from Trikaya will surely amaze you. Order ready to Eat Salad, Pakchoy online, Brussels sprouts, Swiss Chard, Bird Eye Chilli and a variety of fresh exotics daily. From Lollo Rosso lettuce to Red Cabbage for Sauerkraut, Fresh Thyme online, Rainbow carrot, Chives online, Endive Online, Iceberg Lettuce Online, Kaffir Lime leaves online we have the full range which can help you plan the most delectable menus. The range of Edible flowers online is a must for those who delight in these delicate blossoms for plating. 

Order Exotic Vegetables from Trikaya Online

An excellent range of seasonal fresh exotic vegetables from Trikaya, order beet microgreens, mixed microgreens, alfalfa sprouts, parsley, american kale, edamame, asparagus, oregano, komatsuma, edible flowers online, swiss chard, baby spinach, coloured carrots, red radish, zucchini green, thai bird chilli online, parsnip online, fresh thyme, rosemary, organo online, galangal online, kaffir lime leaves online, cherry tomato, sunpeach tomato, chinese cabbage, fennel, italian basil, butterhead lettuce, palm heart, lollo rosso online, red cherry tomato online, thai basil online. 

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Exotic or English vegetables section contains products such as American Kale, Brussels Sprouts, Pakchoi, Microgreens and Edamame from Trikaya Agriculture.

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