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Trikaya Ready to Eat Salad with Microgreens Mini 60GMS
Pre washed and ready to eat salad containing lollo rosso, green romaine, red oak simpson with red ca..
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Triyaka Fresh Red Radish
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Crunchy and luscious, the perfect finger food, they made wonderful vibrant addition to salads, have ..
Rs. 53
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Zucchini Green
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Healthy Zucchini to stay fit.  Packed with the goodness of omega three fatty acids and vi..
Rs. 49
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 Lettuce Butterhead Green by Trueganic
Grown as full-size heads, butterhead lettuce has a sweet buttery flavor and delicate texture of the..
Rs. 70 Rs. 35
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 Lettuce Butterhead Red Trueganic
Red Butterhead lettuce is a flavourful ingredient in salads, sandwiches and wraps and can really sta..
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 Thai Bird Eye Chilli
Considered one of the ten hottest chilli peppers in the world. It is a widely added ingredient in mo..
Rs. 80
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Fresh Avocado Indian
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Regarded as a superfood, Avocado is a highly nutritious vegetable, it helps in mineral absorption, w..
Rs. 340
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Fresh Parsley 100GMS
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Parsley can provide the daily dose of Vitamin K. It promotes bone health and improves Calcium absorp..
Rs. 42
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Fresh Thyme by Trikaya
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A delicate looking herb with a lasting fragrance, thyme is a wonderful addition to beans and egg dis..
Rs. 12
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Galangal or Thai Ginger by Trikaya
Thick and juicy, fibreless with a great flavour, can be used directly in salads. Also to marinate gr..
Rs. 40
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Parsnip by Trikaya
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Parsnip or "Chukander" is a root vegetable similar to carrots. They have a sweet taste when cooked. ..
Rs. 450
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Trikaya American Curly Kale
American Curly Kale is one of the healthiest and most nutritious plant foods in existence. Kale is a..
Rs. 104
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Trikaya Avocado Premium
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Touted as a superfood Avocados are loved by weight watchers - they are versatile and can be used in ..
Rs. 450
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Trikaya Baby Pak Choi
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With a flavour similar to cabbage or spinach, pak choy is crisp and best served slightly cooked. The..
Rs. 62
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Trikaya Baby Spinach
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Fresh baby spinach leaves are succulent and great addition to your salads. ..
Rs. 60
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Trikaya Beef Tomato
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Large red juicy tomato from Trikaya. ..
Rs. 48
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Trikaya Brussels Sprouts 250GMS
Brussels sprouts are a member of the cabbage family and look like miniature cabbages. Popular in Bel..
Rs. 170
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Trikaya Carrot Rainbow
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Rainbow coloured carrots are a visual delight and used extensively to create artistic food presentat..
Rs. 100
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Trikaya Chinese Cabbage
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With pale, tightly wrapped, succulent leaves and crisp, broad, white ribs and a delicate, mild, swe..
Rs. 150
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Trikaya Edible Flowers Mix
Edible flowers have a variety of culinary uses besides looking beautiful on your plate. Use them to ..
Rs. 120
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Trikaya Endive
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Endive is a curly leaf type vegetable which is a cool weather crop like lettuce. It can be used in j..
Rs. 50
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Trikaya Fennel
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Fennel is crunchy and sweet contains phytonutrients this fragrant plant is related to parsley, dill ..
Rs. 55
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Trikaya Fresh Chives
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Fresh Chives are a great garnish for summer salads or used to flavour dips, the smallest and most de..
Rs. 25
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Trikaya Italian Basil
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Italian Basil or sweet basil is a wonderful garnish for salads, pizzas and is the main ingredient in..
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Trikaya Large Yellow Tomato
Large yellow juicy tomato..
Rs. 48
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Trikaya Lettuce Iceberg
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Lettuce Iceberg is a perennial salad favourite. ..
Rs. 80
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Trikaya Lettuce Microgreen Mix
A mix of lettuce microgreens. ..
Rs. 180
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Trikaya Makroot Leaves/ Kaffir Lime Leaves
Kaffir lime leaves are a fragrant addition to all your Thai meals. They can be used as well in Medit..
Rs. 15
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Exotic vegetables have a variety of health benefits, today the range of exotic vegetables online are growing at a rapid pace, whether it is Edamame online, Kale, Asparagus online, Fennel, Broccoli, Japanese Mustard our range from Trikaya will surely amaze you. Order ready to Eat Salad, Pakchoy online, Brussels sprouts, Swiss Chard, Bird Eye Chilli and a variety of fresh exotics daily. From Lollo Rosso lettuce to Red Cabbage for Sauerkraut, Fresh Thyme online, Rainbow carrot, Chives online, Endive Online, Iceberg Lettuce Online, Kaffir Lime leaves online we have the full range which can help you plan the most delectable menus. The range of Edible flowers online is a must for those who delight in these delicate blossoms for plating. 

Order Exotic Vegetables from Trikaya Online

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Exotic or English vegetables section contains products such as American Kale, Brussels Sprouts, Pakchoi, Microgreens and Edamame from Trikaya Agriculture.

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