Trikaya Exotic English Vegetables

Exotic or English vegetables section contains products such as American Kale, Brussels Sprouts, Pakchoi, Microgreens and Edamame from Trikaya Agriculture.

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Highly regarded for their mix of deliciousness and nutrients. Most varieties of mulberries found are..
Rs. 195
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Succulent and thick stemmed this asparagus is wonderful sauteed and in salads. Just steam them drizz..
Rs. 300
Ex Tax: Rs. 300
This variegated lemon has a pink fleshy interior and is very juicy. ..
Rs. 190
Ex Tax: Rs. 190
Our Exotic Basket selection  contains Broccoli 1 piece, Zucchini Green/Yellow (150g to 200g)..
Rs. 550
Ex Tax: Rs. 550
The benefits of this wonder plant are immense. From skin related disorders to reducing acne. It is g..
Rs. 82
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Fresh Arugula or Roquette leaves are delightful in your salad bowl. Nothing beats the fragrance of a..
Rs. 50
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This aromatic herb is utilized in all kinds of cuisine, from mediterranean to Italian food. Oregano ..
Rs. 60
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A round bulbous root vegetable also known as Yambean with the appearance of a turnips, Jicama has ga..
Rs. 66
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Komatsuma or Japanese Mustard, is a peppery leafy which can be used in salads and stir fried. ..
Rs. 45
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The health benefits of rhubarb include improvement in digestion, helps in weight loss, improves meta..
Rs. 350
Ex Tax: Rs. 350
Nutritious shelled broad beans from Trikaya. Broad beans or fava beans are a member of the legume fa..
Rs. 45
Ex Tax: Rs. 45
Slowly gaining momentum in the culinary world, celeriac root is loaded with vitamin and minerals. Do..
Rs. 260
Ex Tax: Rs. 260
A green leafy vegetable used in Mediterranean cooking. Can be minced with garlic clove and sauteed w..
Rs. 45
Ex Tax: Rs. 45
Pre washed packaged, convenient contains lettuce iceberg, lollo rosso, green romaine, red oak, baby ..
Rs. 68
Ex Tax: Rs. 68
Pre washed and ready to eat salad containing lollo rosso, green romaine, red oak simpson with red ca..
Rs. 35
Ex Tax: Rs. 35
Alfalfa sprouts are the shoots of the alfalfa plant, harvested before they become the full-grown pla..
Rs. 35
Ex Tax: Rs. 35
Crunchy garden fresh Indian asparagus, with delectable green stalks and spears. Succulent and tender..
Rs. 225
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Premium Avocado ..
Rs. 450
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Broccoli can be considered a dark green leafy vegetable.Broccoli has a strong, positive impact on ou..
Rs. 14
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Brussels sprouts are a member of the cabbage family and look like miniature cabbages. Popular in Bel..
Rs. 200
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A member of the chicory family, crisp textured, sweet nutty flavour with a mild bitterness. Can be s..
Rs. 35
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Regarded as a superfood, Avocado is a highly nutritious vegetable, it helps in mineral absorption, w..
Rs. 319
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Jalapenos add great taste to salsas, guacamoles, cheese and sauces. They taste great roasted, sautee..
Rs. 42
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Delightful fresh pakchoi for all your stir fry items. These fresh greens are full of healthy nutrien..
Rs. 25
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Parsley can provide the daily dose of Vitamin K. It promotes bone health and improves Calcium absorp..
Rs. 22
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Fresh romaine is crisp for salads and contains healthy nutrients. One of the many varieties of lettu..
Rs. 36
Ex Tax: Rs. 36
Roquette or Arugula is used in salads. The fragrant leaves are highly prized as a staple salads ingr..
Rs. 15
Ex Tax: Rs. 15
Considered one of the ten hottest chilli peppers in the world. It is a widely added ingredient in mo..
Rs. 80
Ex Tax: Rs. 80
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