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Aerogreens Lettuce Green Lollo Rosso
100% sustainablely farmed, organic and environment friendly. Green Lollo Rosso lettuce.In the pursui..
Rs. 70
Ex Tax: Rs. 70
Farmbox Cherry Tomato
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Add color to  your salad. They are nutritious and healthy and are low in calories. Yo..
Rs. 70
Ex Tax: Rs. 70
Farmbox Exotic essential Basket 1 KG
Farmbox Lettuce Blend one box ,  Cherry Tomatoes one box ,  Zucchini one , Bell peppers tw..
Rs. 349
Ex Tax: Rs. 349
FarmBox Gourmet Salad Spread
A flavorful mix of American Kale, Batavia Lettuce, Lollorosso Lettuce , Simpson Lettuce & Romain..
Rs. 45
Ex Tax: Rs. 45
Mixed Microgreens by Aerogreens
Mixed Microgreens by Aerogreens
Now you can buy organic mixed microgreens, a mix of red amaranth, basil, purple basil, beetroot and ..
Rs. 46
Ex Tax: Rs. 46
Yellow Cherry Tomato by Aerogreens
Yellow cherry tomatoes are the pick of the season these tangy tomatoes are delightful in salads.&nbs..
Rs. 75
Ex Tax: Rs. 75
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In the pursuit to transform agriculture and in turn influence healthier eating habits,  Aerogreens, decided to build polyhouses that not only produce chemical-free, pesticide-free and highly nutritious food but also create sustainable and ecologically responsible. All the produce is locally grown. The water used is in a continuous loop which enables sustainable farming. The result is delicious healthy produce. Enjoy kale, parsley, Chives, basil and salads online.

Fresh Celery, parsley, herbs, garnishes and vegetables grown in hygienic soil free conditions at Green Tokri farms, Pune. Buy from a unique selection of herb pots with fresh herbs such as basil and thyme, rosemary, cherry tomatoes, fresh salads, microgreen mixes and more.

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