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Organic Bottle Gourd
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Organic Bottle gourd is a versatile vegetable which can be used in many Indian dishes. As a staple ..
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Organic Chilli
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A spicier version of the regular chilly these organic chillies are noted for their great taste and ..
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Organic Tomato
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Organic tomatoes are said to be packed with higher amounts of Vitamin C and compounds which are heal..
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Red Delicious Apples Washington
Red Delicious Washington apples have a bright red appearance and crunchy texture. With a mildly swee..
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Avocado Imported
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Avocado Imported Avocados have the highest energy value of any fruit. It also is rich in pr..
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Enjoy the flavour and crunchiness of locally grown fresh carrots which are specially hand-pick..
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Curry Leaves 50 GMS
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Kadi patta is a staple in Indian dishes. Commonly used in seasoning this leaf adds a special flavour..
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Fresh Fruit Basket
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. The fresh fruit basket contains a variety of fresh fruits.Watermelon 1 piece, Red apples 4-6 pcs, ..
Rs. 750
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Lettuce Iceberg
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Crunchy crispy , fresh iceberg lettuce, makes a great summer salad. Contains manganese, magnesium, p..
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Onions full of great taste and pungent flavour...
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Organic  Lemon 4 PCS
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Organic Lemon Organic lemons grown without preservatives and chemicals. Lemons are known for..
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Organic Green Papaya 1kg
Organic Green Papaya The flesh and seeds of this fruit are consumed, and the seeds have a sligh..
Rs. 40
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Organic Pears
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Fresh pears are a great salad ingredient as well as taste delicious on their own. Try making a warm ..
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Watermelon Kiran 2- 2.5 kg
Watermelon Kiran Like many watermelon varieties, the Kiran watermelon is ren..
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Broccoli 250 gm
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Broccoli has large flower stalks, usually dark green in colour, arranged in a tree-like structure b..
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Cabbage 250 - 300 GM
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A low calorie fiber rich leafy vegetable, a store house of health benefitting chemicals and less tha..
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Green Capsicums are the sharpest in taste and yellow capsicums are the sweetest...
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The coconut is an inherent part of Indian cuisine and our daily diets are a part of it in one form o..
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Organic  Cucumber Green
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Cucumbers are one of the best foods for your body's overall health. Organic cucumbers are teeming wi..
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Organic Apple
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Grown organically without the use of any chemicals or pesticides, these apples do not have the same..
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Organic Banana Robusta
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Organic Bananas, farmed without the use of chemicals and preservatives. Please allow the bananas to ..
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Organic Cluster Beans
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The organic Gavar or cluster bean is the annual legume. Good for diabetics as it has the highest fi..
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Organic Green Peas
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A healthy food in terms of nutrient composition and also an environmentally friendly food, these org..
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 Mandarin Orange
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Mandarin oranges are extremely juicy  they are one of the sweetest oranges of the orange family..
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Grapes Green Indian
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Fresh green grapes are a healthy choice and low in calories. Love to have fruity bites everyda..
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Organic Amaranth Green
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Amaranth greens are also called Chinese spinach. Amaranthus is collectively known as amaranth or p..
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Sweet Lime ( Mosambi) 4 PC
Mosambi fruits are small, green citrus fruits of round/oval shape, which turn yellow on ripening.Mo..
Rs. 64
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Cauliflower 400 - 500GM
Fresh cauliflower is a good source of vitamin C , Calcium and Iron. High in dietary fibre, manganese..
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