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Organic Bottle Gourd
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Organic Bottle gourd is a versatile vegetable which can be used in many Indian dishes. As a staple ..
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Organic Chilli
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A spicier version of the regular chilly these organic chillies are noted for their great taste and ..
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Organic Tomato
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Organic tomatoes are said to be packed with higher amounts of Vitamin C and compounds which are heal..
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Red Delicious Apples Washington
Red Delicious Washington apples have a bright red appearance and crunchy texture. With a mildly swee..
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Apple Fuji
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One of the more attractive modern apple varieties, main characterestic is the lovely pink speckled f..
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Avocado Imported
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Avocado Imported Avocados have the highest energy value of any fruit. It also is rich in pr..
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Enjoy the flavour and crunchiness of locally grown fresh carrots which are specially hand-pick..
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Chinese Cabbage (500 gm)
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Chinese Cabbage With pale, tightly wrapped, succulent leaves and crisp, broad, white ribs and a ..
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Date Palm Khajoor
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Date Palm Khajoor Date palm is a flowering plant species in the palm family, cultivate..
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Fresh Fruit Basket
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. The fresh fruit basket contains a variety of fresh fruits.Watermelon 1 piece, Red apples 4-6 pcs, ..
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Galangal or Thai Ginger (100GM)
Thick and juicy, fibreless with a great flavour, can be used directly in salads. Also to marinate gr..
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Imported Orange 1 KG
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Fresh and juicy seasonal oranges.These unusually large oranges are ideal for juicing. Studies reveal..
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Jalapeno 250GM
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Jalapeno Jalapeno peppers are one of the most popular chili peppers in the world, loved for..
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Leeks 250GM
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The leek is a vegetable, a cultivar of Allium ampeloprasum, the broadleaf wild leek. The edible part..
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Lettuce Endive
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Slice the endive in thin strips and add to any of your favourite salads. It is great on t..
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Lettuce Iceberg
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Crunchy crispy , fresh iceberg lettuce, makes a great summer salad. Contains manganese, magnesium, p..
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Lettuce Leafy
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Lettuce is the mainstay for most salads, this surprisingly crisp lettuce can be used for all your sa..
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Lettuce Lollo Rosso
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Lollo Rosso (red) is term used referring to types of fancy lettuce with tight curly leaves, otherwis..
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Makroot Leaves/ Kaffir Lime Leaves (50 gm)
Kaffir lime leaves are a fragrant addition to all your Thai meals. They can be used as well in Medit..
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Mixed Capsicum Red and Yellow
As the world is going gaga over coloured foods, capsicums or bell peppers remain the favourite of a..
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Organic  Lemon 4 PCS
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Organic Lemon Organic lemons grown without preservatives and chemicals. Lemons are known for..
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Organic Green Papaya 1kg
Organic Green Papaya The flesh and seeds of this fruit are consumed, and the seeds have a sligh..
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Organic Pears
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Fresh pears are a great salad ingredient as well as taste delicious on their own. Try making a warm ..
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Portobello Mushroom 200GMS
Portobello Mushroom Portobello mushrooms are mature cremini mushrooms that have an intense flavo..
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Rosemary (50GM)
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Rosemary Rosemary is a fragrant evergreen herb native to the Mediterranean. It is used as a..
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Sage (50GM)
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Sage is a fragrant herb which is used in mediterranean cuisine. It belongs to the family of min..
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Sun Melon
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Melons are a rich source of lycopene. Contain vitamin B6 which helps maintain metabolism. These juic..
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Tarragon (50 gm)
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Tarragon Tarragon is from Central Asia with an anise like flavour and toothed green delicate lea..
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