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Organic Bottle Gourd
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Full of health and benefits the bottle gourd constitutes a major part of food in Indian cuisine. Bot..
Rs. 45
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Organic Chilli
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A spicier version of the regular chilly these organic chillies are noted for their great taste and f..
Rs. 22
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Organic Tomato
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Organic tomatoes are said to be packed with higher amounts of Vitamin C and compounds which are heal..
Rs. 25
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Red Delicious Apples Washington
Red Delicious Washington apples have a bright red appearance and crunchy texture. With a mildly swee..
Rs. 144
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Trikaya Mix Microgreens
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A mix of beet microgreens, sunflower, radish, mustard, peas. Contains brilliant flavour and colour. ..
Rs. 53
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Alfalfa Sprouts by Trikaya
Alfalfa sprouts are the shoots of the alfalfa plant, harvested before they become the full-grown pla..
Rs. 35
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Apple Fuji
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One of the more attractive modern apple varieties, main characterestic is the lovely pink speckled f..
Rs. 149
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Avocado Imported 250GM- 300GM
Imported avocado from Chile. The Hass variety of avocado is harvested mature but unripe, the avocado..
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Badami Mango
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Badami is Karnataka's leading mango variety. It is known as Karnataka's alphonso. The taste and text..
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Enjoy the flavour and crunchiness of locally grown fresh carrots which are specially hand-pick..
Rs. 25
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Fresh Fruit Basket
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. The fresh fruit basket contains a variety of fresh fruits.Watermelon 1 piece, Red apples 4-6 pcs, ..
Rs. 750
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Grapefruit Imported 500GM
Grapefruit is rated among one of the healthiest fruits, potassium, vitamin C, lycopene and choline a..
Rs. 350
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Imported Orange 1 KG
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Fresh and juicy seasonal oranges.These unusually large oranges are ideal for juicing. Studies reveal..
Rs. 150
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Organic  Lemon 4 PCS
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Organic lemons grown without preservatives and chemicals. Lemons are known for their various h..
Rs. 40
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Organic Aloe Vera Leaves
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Organically farmed Aloe vera leaves grown without the use of chemical fertilizers. The benefits of a..
Rs. 180
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Organic Green Papaya 1kg
A meat tenderizer, great in curries and dals and summer salads. ..
Rs. 40
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Organic Pears
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Fresh pears are a great salad ingredient as well as taste delicious on their own. Try making a warm ..
Rs. 175
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Passion Fruit Indian
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Locally grown passion fruit, farm traceable. No chemicals or fertilizers used in the growth process...
Rs. 400
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Portobello Mushroom
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Tender and meaty these mushrooms are best as a side dish accompanying a main course. These versatile..
Rs. 106
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Trikaya Green Soy Edamame Frozen
Frozen Green Soy or Edamame, rich in healthy fibre antioxidants and Vitamin K. Available on req..
Rs. 225
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Trikaya Ready to Eat Salad  with Baby Spinach 125GM
Pre washed packaged, convenient contains lettuce iceberg, lollo rosso, green romaine, red oak, baby ..
Rs. 98
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Watermelon Kiran
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The refreshing fruit is soaked with nutrients. Each juicy bite has significant levels of vitamins A,..
Rs. 110
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Broccoli 250GMS
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Broccoli can be considered a dark green leafy vegetable.Broccoli has a strong, positive impact on ou..
Rs. 95
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The coconut is an inherent part of Indian cuisine and our daily diets are a part of it in one form o..
Rs. 32
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Lalbaug Mango
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This red and yellow hued mango is a favourite among mango lovers. ..
Rs. 270
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Organic  Cucumber Green
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Cucumbers are one of the best foods for your body's overall health. Organic cucumbers are teeming wi..
Rs. 45
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Organic Apple
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Grown organically without the use of any chemicals or pesticides. These  apples do not have the..
Rs. 175
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Organic Banana Robusta
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Organic Bananas, farmed without the use of chemicals and preservatives. Please allow the bananas to ..
Rs. 35
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