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Goldifinest Black Forest Back Bacon 100GM
Black Forest Back Bacon made from the back cuts of pork. It has a pronounced flavour and is consider..
Rs. 230
Ex Tax: Rs. 230
Goldifinest Chicken Frankfurter 200GM
Chicken Frankfurter from Goldi Finest...
Rs. 235
Ex Tax: Rs. 235
Goldifinest Streaky Bacon 150GM
Bacon cut from the sides and the belly having distinct strips of fat.Streaky Bacon comes from pork b..
Rs. 245
Ex Tax: Rs. 245
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Our freshest catch of the season. Each medium size pomfret weighs approximately 250gms. Quantity 1. ..
Rs. 845
Ex Tax: Rs. 845
Rohu (Whole) Clean Bengali Cut
The Rohu is delicious in Bengali style dishes. This fish is available as a whole but cleaned and cut..
Rs. 299
Ex Tax: Rs. 299
 Hilsa Whole ( In Pieces)
Hilsa is the hallmark of Bengali identity. Considered a delicacy in Bengal, this fish easily adapts ..
Rs. 1,495
Ex Tax: Rs. 1,495
Baby Lobster
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Fresh baby lobster\, fresh from the ocean. The cool, clear water and ardent saltiness give the id..
Rs. 780
Ex Tax: Rs. 780
Bombay Duck Whole Clean
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The celebrated Bombil or Bombay Duck got its names from the days of the Raj from being transported i..
Rs. 179
Ex Tax: Rs. 179
Free Range Chicken Boneless
"Buy Free Range Boneless Chicken onlineBuying good, healthy boneless chicken meat is hard, and cook..
Rs. 245
Ex Tax: Rs. 245
Fresh Atlantic Salmon Chunks without Skin
Full of protien  and healthy fat, salmon is delicious, in terms of nutrition Atlantic salmon&nb..
Rs. 800
Ex Tax: Rs. 800
Mackerel Whole Cleaned 500GM
A firm fleshed oil rich fish with silver and blue striped skin, Mackerel is a delicious fish packed ..
Rs. 195
Ex Tax: Rs. 195
Sea Crab (Medium) - Cleaned & Whole
Medium sea crab\, cleaned and whole. ..
Rs. 195
Ex Tax: Rs. 195
Seer or Surmai Fish Sliced
Cleaned and sliced seer fish..
Rs. 618
Ex Tax: Rs. 618
Seer Whole
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A sea fish among the mackerel variety of species, the Seer is found in the Indian Ocean and adjoinin..
Rs. 420
Ex Tax: Rs. 420
Seth's Chicken Breast Boneless
 Chicken Breast Boneless Hygienically packed, antibiotic free. ..
Rs. 120
Ex Tax: Rs. 120
Seth's Chicken Curry Cut
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Seth's curry cut chicken is antibiotic free. ..
Rs. 115
Ex Tax: Rs. 115
Seth's English Breakfast Chicken Sausages
Seth's English Breakfast Chicken Sausages..
Rs. 125
Ex Tax: Rs. 125
Seth's Golden Americano Chicken Nuggets
Seth's Golden Americano Chicken Nuggets..
Rs. 125
Ex Tax: Rs. 125
Seth's Italian Herb & Olive Chicken Salami
Seth's Italian Herb & Olive Chicken Salami -this unique combination of Herb and Olive Salami is ..
Rs. 125
Ex Tax: Rs. 125
Seth's Lucknowi Chicken Seekh Kebab
Seth's Lucknowi Chicken Seekh Kebab, this kabab is authentic Lucknow style for making great dishes a..
Rs. 125
Ex Tax: Rs. 125
Seth's New York Style Chicken Burger Patty
Seth's New York Style Chicken Burger Patty, this convenient patty makes it easy to make burgers at h..
Rs. 130
Ex Tax: Rs. 130
Seth's Philly Cheesy Chicken Pockets
Seth's Philly Cheesy Chicken Pockets..
Rs. 135
Ex Tax: Rs. 135
Seth's Sichuan Spiced Chicken Lollipops
Seth's Sichuan Spiced Chicken Lollipops..
Rs. 130
Ex Tax: Rs. 130
Seth's Turkish Spiced Chicken Kebab
Seth's Turkish Spiced Chicken Kebab..
Rs. 125
Ex Tax: Rs. 125
Sole Fish
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Sole is a flat fish which is used in making a fantastic lemon butter sole. Cooks easily without adde..
Rs. 455
Ex Tax: Rs. 455
Wild Salmon Whole
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Delight in the flavour of the refreshing wild Indian salmon. Packed and cleaned according to portion..
Rs. 488
Ex Tax: Rs. 488
Curry Prawns
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Prawns is a tasty frozen treat that will surely delight the seafood lover in you. Fat-free and rich..
Rs. 390
Ex Tax: Rs. 390
Free Range Chicken Drumstick
Free range chicken drumstick online, drumstick cut for free range chicken. Buying healthy chicken is..
Rs. 220
Ex Tax: Rs. 220
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