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Arla Whipping Cream 1 Litre
With 36% fat this whipping cream is great for ketophiles. Rich in dietary fat, it helps in a ketogen..
Rs. 1,050
Ex Tax: Rs. 1,050
Cultured Ghee by Provilac 500ML
The beauty of Indian cooking is never truly brought to life without a sizeable dollop of ghee meltin..
Rs. 575
Ex Tax: Rs. 575
Desi Gir Cow Ghee A2 Ghee 540ML
Desi Gir Cow Ghee A2 Ghee 540ML
Benefits of Desi Gir Cow’s Ghee Slows down ageing  and wrinkling process Gi..
Rs. 1,250
Ex Tax: Rs. 1,250
Kesariya Farm Fresh Malai Paneer
Fresh Malai paneer from Kesariya farm made from organic grass fed cow milk only. ..
Rs. 225
Ex Tax: Rs. 225
Kesariya Farm Vedic A2 Ghee 1L
Natural Vedic Ghee, 100% Pure Ghee made from grass fed Gir Cow's whole milk. Vedic ghee maintains go..
Rs. 1,799
Ex Tax: Rs. 1,799
Kesariya Farm Vedic A2 Ghee 500ML
Natural Vedic Ghee, 100% Pure Ghee made from grass fed Gir Cow's whole milk. Vedic ghee maintains go..
Rs. 999
Ex Tax: Rs. 999
Lurpak Butter Spreadable Unsalted 250GMS
This light butter is unsalted and delicate in taste, it enhances the taste of food and is a must for..
Rs. 450
Ex Tax: Rs. 450
Lurpak Slightly Salted Butter 250GMS
This mildly salted butter is ideal for cooking. ..
Rs. 475
Ex Tax: Rs. 475
Lurpak Spreadable Butter Salted 250GMS
This delicate light tasting butter enhances the flavour of food. Can be used as a table butter. ..
Rs. 450
Ex Tax: Rs. 450
Our Organik Tree Cow Ghee 420GMS
Pure certified organic cow's ghee developed by a nutritionist. ..
Rs. 610
Ex Tax: Rs. 610
Provilac A2 Milk 1L
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Gir Cow Milk is easier to digest, where the histidine amino acid is replaced by Proline in A2 Milk. ..
Rs. 90
Ex Tax: Rs. 90
Provilac Chocolate Milk 300ML
Rich creamy texture with the purest chocolate to create and consistent creamy flavour. ..
Rs. 99
Ex Tax: Rs. 99
Provilac The Good Stuff Pasteurized and Homogenized Milk
Pasteurized and Homogenized Milk produced by HF cattle through an automated process, no human touch ..
Rs. 80
Ex Tax: Rs. 80
Provilac The Good Stuff Raw Milk
Non homogenized, non pasteurized, this milk can be boiled and heated before consumption. Pure, raw u..
Rs. 80
Ex Tax: Rs. 80
Desi Gir Cows A2 Ghee SMALL
Desi Gir Cows A2 Ghee SMALL
Hand churned desi Gir cow's ghee is churned according to a vedic recipe. It is cholesterol free, bal..
Rs. 550
Ex Tax: Rs. 550
Eco Fresh Cow Ghee
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Organic cow ghee Made from 100 percent cow milk. It contains fat soluble nutrients and vitamin..
Rs. 498
Ex Tax: Rs. 498
Lurpak Butter Spreadable Light Olive Oil 250gm
This spreadable light butter in olive oil is a delightful butter with the taste of tangy olives.&nbs..
Rs. 425
Ex Tax: Rs. 425
Lurpak Salted Butter
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Lurpak salted butter is a well loved butter of good consistency. Can be used as a table butter..
Rs. 395
Ex Tax: Rs. 395
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