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Gourmet Cheese

Cheese can be traced back to its origin almost 4000 years ago, when people started to breed animals and process their milk. The variety and range of this product is mindboggling and almost everyone has a homespun take on how they love their cheese. With wine and crackers, with slivers of delicate parma ham, with sweet preserves, with pasta, or simply with bread. Our section will soon stock a range starting from gruyere, brie, provolone, manchego, gouda, cheddar and parmesan. We promise to bring you more over the next few months so that you can delight in buying your favourite cheese from us.

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Natural cream cheese from Denmark, this cream cheese is fantastic as a spread over your sandwiches a..
Rs. 345
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Delicious mozzarella cheese from Denmark. ..
Rs. 495
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Soft Goat milk cheese in a natural flavour. Country of origin is Spain. Goats milk is naturally homo..
Rs. 450
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A favourite variant with a pop of peppery flavour and full bodied Gouda. A product o Caroselle Dairy..
Rs. 397
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French Soft Cheese - A Gorgeous, creamy cheese - French inspired and uniquely Caroselle, serve aft..
Rs. 497
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Dutch Soft Cheese Full Bodied flavor and low fat. Great as a low fat pizza topping. A product of Car..
Rs. 314
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Greek Soft Cheese Salty and Delicious with our very special cows milk - not your ordinary Feta...
Rs. 314
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Italian Hard Cheese . A treat for the taste buds, both Sharp & Sweet - you won't find it anywher..
Rs. 268
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Italian hard cheese truly world class and a best selling Indian cheese. The cheese is low fat as wel..
Rs. 497
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Dutch Soft Cheese Creamy and Flavorful, great for melting on sandwiches and pizza.A product of Caros..
Rs. 314
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English Cheese a yummy mild Cheddar that is sure to please. Grate on vegetables, sandwiches, omelet..
Rs. 259
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Extra Creamy blue cheese, rich in taste and texture. Can be used to flavour salads and goes extremel..
Rs. 348
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Brie is a soft, creamy, cow's milk cheese. This cheese is covered with white crust. Brie is good as ..
Rs. 350
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Created with a smooth and absolutely white texture, the Castello Camembert Cheese is perfect to be u..
Rs. 450
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Cheese slices Black pepper are farmhouse cheese slices made of Buffalo milk weighing 15gm each with ..
Rs. 195
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Cheese slices plain are farmhouse cheese slices made of Buffalo milk weighing 15gm each...
Rs. 155
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100% pure vegetarian and natural cheddar with mild creamy flavour. It has a rich tendency to melt in..
Rs. 255
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Feta Cheese in Brine- Cheese in a solution of salt in water.Crumbly aged cheese with a slightly grai..
Rs. 460
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Semi Soft cheese with low moisture content and stretchy-Stringy consistency...
Rs. 135
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100% pure vegetarian- A blend of mozarella & cheddar-Gives an ideal texture and flavour to gourm..
Rs. 125
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100% natural cheddar with special smoked aroma. The flavour of the cheese; although smoked, does not..
Rs. 310
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Gouda is the most common Dutch cheese named after the city of Gouda in the Netherlands, most Gouda i..
Rs. 375
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This distinct sliced cheese from Netherlands has a mild smokey flavor and perfect for people who do ..
Rs. 300
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Made up of fresh-rich buffalo milk.It is an extremely fresh - stretched curd cheese with a Creamy-So..
Rs. 135
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La Cremella Mascarpone is an extremely fresh - thick - velvety cream with a spreadable consistency.T..
Rs. 235
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La Cremella Cream Cheese is a 100% pure vegetarian, soft-delightful creamy cheese with a hint of tan..
Rs. 225
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Cheddar cheese in easy to eat portions. ..
Rs. 180
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Parmesan has a hard and gritty exterior but is nutty and fruity in taste. Grated over pastas and use..
Rs. 240
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