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Arla Havarti Cheese
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The original Danish Havarti. Ripened cheese with a straw yellow colour and a buttery flavour With..
Rs. 375
Ex Tax: Rs. 375
Arla Whipping Cream 200ML
The Arla cooperative is a global dairy company owned by European dairy farmers that sell their produ..
Rs. 475
Ex Tax: Rs. 475
Castello Danish Blue Cheese
Castello Blue Cheese is great with breads and crackers.  Full flavoured. Salty and Sharp. Its a..
Rs. 375
Ex Tax: Rs. 375
Zanetti Mascarpone 250GMS
Mascarpone is a type of cream cheese, developed in the Lombardy region of northern Italy, and is mad..
Rs. 575
Ex Tax: Rs. 575
Castello Blue Cheese Extra Creamy
Danablu (Danish Blue) is a semi-soft blue veined cheese, made from cow's milk and has creamy and cru..
Rs. 415
Ex Tax: Rs. 415
Castello Brie 125gm
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Made from cow's milk, the Castello Brie Cheese is a soft creamy variety that comes with a ..
Rs. 415
Ex Tax: Rs. 415
Keggs Eggs Box of 6
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Keggs distinguished by their tan coloured shells and bright yellowish orange yolk are produced by sp..
Rs. 125
Ex Tax: Rs. 125
Wyke Farms Cheddar
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Cheddar from Wyke Farms. ..
Rs. 435
Ex Tax: Rs. 435
Apetina Feta Cheese Semi Hard
Semi-hard cheese produced from cow's milk. Serve with fruit and bread for a well-rounded snackAdd ri..
Rs. 498
Ex Tax: Rs. 498
Arla Gouda Cheese
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Arla Gouda is an extremely versatile cheese that has a rich buttery flavour and smooth texture. Goud..
Rs. 375
Ex Tax: Rs. 375
Arla Mozzarella Cheese 200GMS
Delicious mozzarella cheese from Denmark. Arla mozzarella cheddar has a mild and smooth flavor th..
Rs. 495
Ex Tax: Rs. 495
Arla Naturally Light Cheese
A flavourful and light cream cheese especially for weight watchers Appreciate the awesome taste a..
Rs. 395
Ex Tax: Rs. 395
Barrel Aged Feta
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Sheep and goat milk, rennet, culture and sea salt. Barrel Aged Feta is a  Greek style fet..
Rs. 665
Ex Tax: Rs. 665
Dodoni Greek Feta Cheese 200GMS
DODONI Feta is produced exclusively from pasteurized sheep's milk from the region of Epirus.Tasty, n..
Rs. 635
Ex Tax: Rs. 635
Zanetti Ricotta
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Ricotta in Italian means re-cooked. Zanetti Ricotta is an Italian cheese made from sheep's milk, sal..
Rs. 525
Ex Tax: Rs. 525
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Eggs and Diary are essential to whipping up most award winning dishes. And we don't want to disappoint you. You will find every variety here from Gouda to Fondue Cheese. From organic milk to free range eggs, herbed butter So go ahead and create your own signature dish. We specialize in stocking independant artisan brands and farm fresh produce.

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