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Do you now an old story “The watercress girl ?”. It is about a young and poor eight year old girl who sells watercress bundles on the London streets and who knows all the tricks of trade that work to sell products in streets. She doesn’t know what childhood means and what it means to play in parks and have fun with friends.
“She defies the expected and accepted norms of society—–.” says a review about the story. It was written during Britain Imperial century, when London was probably the wealthiest city in the world.
Anyways, this story doesn’t tell about the benefits of watercress, but what it tells about is how usual it was to sell and use watercress in those times.
So we know about the history of watercress through this story.
And now lets talk about mystery of watercress.
But before I tell you what watercress is, let me ask you the following questions.

Who doesn’t want to achieve one’s ideal weight?
And who doesn’t seem to know the answer?

I think all of us want to achieve our ideal weight and all of us know the answer.
Exercise and balanced diet.
No to junk, fried and sugary food.

But my next question is
Is that really so simple.?
Unfortunately it is not, Why?
Just reflect on these statements—You might be familiar with them.
1) “I want to exercise, I am determined, but the moment I begin my run or exercise, I feel energy less.—I feel I can’t run more, it disappoints me…”
Guys, Motivation can do little without perspiration. You will exercise one day but next day you may have no energy. We need energy to run, to lift weights, to do yoga,to do skipping, to do karva maga , to do pilates, to do zumba—-
We need to find healthy and natural sources of energy to pump ourselves with that energy which we need to exert in the exercise.
We don’t want that through empty calories of aerated drinks and juices. Where is indeed the answer ?

2)Then there is a second category-“ I run 10 kms every single day. I lift the heaviest weights.I eat a lot of proteins I am keeping fit and I am perfect.
But did you know that if not taken proper care, overexerecise causes oxidative stress which can cause DNAdamagae.

Guys, ignorance is bliss but can put you in crisis.
So let me tell you about this wonder Microgreen called Watercress.

What is watercress?

Watercress is green, tender microgreen which is cruciferous, peppery ,pungent and belongs to the family of cabbage , It is extremely rich in energy. and it is tasty.It is being considered a super- food from the weight loss angle and sustainable exercise. Watercress was never traditionally touted as an , “energy food.” We also know that all green are full of phytonutrients which means Carotenoids, Ellagic acid, Flavonoids,Resveratrol, Glucosinolates and Phytoestrogens amongst many others.
So what is so special in water–cress?

Now, brand-new research shows that watercress benefits can also significantly boost energy and athletic performance.

Watercress benefits help to…
• Helps restore energy levels
• Relieve the natural stress on our body brought on by strenuous exercise
“Although we are all aware of how good exercise can be for our bodies, pounding the treadmill, lifting weights, or doing high-levels of training can take its toll,” says Dr. Mark Fogarty. “The increased demand on the body for energy can create a build-up of free radicals which can damage our DNA.”
How much watercress to have each day ?
“What we’ve found is that consuming a relatively small amount of watercress each day can help raise the levels of important antioxidant vitamins which may help protect our bodies, and allow us to enjoy the rewards of keeping fit.”
Watercress Benefits Help Stop Exercise-Related DNA Damage
This same research also revealed that nutrients in the peppery leaves of watercress have the exciting capacity to reduce exercise-related DNA damage. This damage results from the higher-than-usual production of free radicals related to physical exertion.
Free radicals are harmful oxygen molecules which can cause many negative health conditions such as ageing,diabetes and even cancer.
For the study, 10 healthy young men were asked to eat a small bag of watercress each day for 8 weeks. The volunteers were also asked to run on a treadmill at a brisk pace with a gradually increasing incline, “like running up a hill that was gradually getting steeper,” said Dr. Fogarty.
The researchers tested blood samples from the volunteers before and after treadmill sessions. In a few weeks time, the researchers repeated an identical set of tests and exercises…except without the watercress.
The results? A clear increase in DNA damage after exercise…unless the men had eaten watercress.
Watercress benefits is extraordinarily rich in antioxidants—which fight off free radicals. That’s why eating watercress before exercising protects you from DNA damage.
Dr. Fogarty explains that watercress actually contains 10 times as many helpful chemicals as any other fruit or vegetable. . The powerful superfood contains the antioxidant alpha-lipoid acid that it known to…
• lower glucose levels
• increase insulin sensitivity
• prevent oxidative stress induced changes
The better your body is at controlling it’s blood sugar the better it will be to lose weight.
The big problem with eating sugar and bad carbohydrates is they’ll cause your blood sugar levels to spike. This leads to a hormonal chain reaction leaving your body storing more and more body fat.
Eating watercress will help you keep stable blood sugar levels and thus keep the fat off your belly.
Anti-Aging Powers If there really was such a thing as the Fountain of Youth I’d bet it had watercress growing in it.
A study led by Dr. Schenker found after 4 weeks of eating 80g of watercress daily the group showed 10 out of 11 females experienced visible improvements to their skin.
Not only that but 7 out of the 11 saw an improvement in their wrinkles, and even one woman experienced reduced facial wrinkles up to 39%.
Not to mention the majority of the group said they had increased energy levels.



How to Enjoy Watercress
Watercress is a very versatile micro-green. . It is best if eatern raw. This peppery green can be added to salads…soups…stews…sandwiches…pizzas…stir-fry dishes…wraps…and even omelets, to name a few. You might even try adding it to your green smoothie!

The following are the ways I have been using Water-cress.
Green juice and Green smoothie.
My morning begins with a green juice. So I am always on the look-out for newer and newer greens.
When it is season, take one amla, a handful of water-cress and one big green apple. wash and wash everything properly—churn them in a mixer adding water as required, your green juice is ready.
You can even make a green smoothie out of it. Don’t add too much water to the above mixture, remove amla from the above combination, add a bit of avocado and one kiwi and churn them. your green smoothie is ready to charge your day with abundant energy.
All micro-greens lend them to great salads. I use water-cress in every salad that I make.
Take firm and crispy pears and apples. Cut them in big slices and garnish them with honey,lemon, paprika and salt. after mixing them well by tossing, garnish them with pomegranate seeds and a lot of water –cress. You can drizzle a bit of virgin olive oil to water-cress before putting it in the salad.
Any sandwich which you make be it Avocado Sandwich or Mushroom and red bell pepper salad, do add a few leaves of water cress as part of the layering.
water cress in your quinoa salad
Watercress Is Simple To Cook

Watercress is most often eaten raw, Bowden notes, but it can be cooked, which makes it taste less peppery, but it might also reduce the health benefits somewhat. Like kale, you can sauté fresh watercress in small amount of oil, such as olive or canola, and season it with your favorite herbs and spices. You might also braise the watercress with garlic and onions to make a tasty side dish.

Adding Watercress to Recipes
Add watercress to your favorite soup recipes, suggests Linda Johnson Larsen, editor of “Starter Cook.” “Replace your usual kale in potato or vegetable soups with fresh watercress instead. Like kale, you can also add chopped watercress to pasta sauce, such as marinara, to enhance the flavor and add vital nutrients. Layer watercress leaves into a lasagna recipe as another way to cook the vegetable. Add watercress to scrambled eggs or a potato hash recipe as additional ways to use it like kale.”

Things To Consider watercress doesn’t need to be cooked for very long to yield tender and tasty because the leaves are thinner and much smaller than kale leaves. Don’t cook watercress for more than three or four minutes to retain as much flavor and nutrition as possible. If you plan to use watercress in a soup recipe, add it during the last few minutes of cooking.

Watercress Microgreen

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