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In this series you will find anecdotes and travel memoirs of a seasoned Chef, who loves picking up delightful recipes from around the world, each of these little gems are seasoned with nostalgia and an inherent love of the country and the local produce.

We are sure that our readers will love them as much as we have enjoyed recreating them for you. For the list of ingredients accompanying the menu, please refer to the site.


The recipes in this site are an expression of my varied experiences, memoirs from my travels, interactions with people who are passionate about food, and have left an indelible influence on me. There is an inherent difference between a recipe and a final dish, which the cook prepares painstakingly. A recipe is a document sans a soul. You as a cook must bring a soul to the recipe.
Through these carefully transcribed recipes I can teach you how to cook but I cannot teach you how to feel for the dish. You will not be able to replicate the dish that I prepare, since our souls are different. However my endeavor is to give you a guideline that will enable you to create something, which you will come to respect. Welcome to the world of feeling happy and contended……………


If you come to Mumbai and leave without a pressing, relentless craving for melon, sprinkled with a seasoning powder comprised of chilies, lime and salt, I think you need to come back because you did it wrong.
However, because I have to give every morsel of food a twist, I decided to make a salad out of this non fussy street delight.
.4 cups diced watermelon
· Juice of half a lime, divided, plus more to taste
· Coarse Sea salt, to taste
· 1/2 teaspoon roasted and crushed chili powder
· 3 tablespoons crumbled Feta cheese
· 1 tablespoon toasted melon seed
· 1 tablespoon hand torn fresh mint
Place the diced melon in a wide bowl or on a platter. Squeeze half a lime juice over, and then sprinkle with coarse sea salt and crushed chili powder. Scatter with crumbled feta cheese, and hand torn mint. Dig in.
If you are the adventurous kinds then go ahead and add some wild arugula.Watermelon n feta salad

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