Bengali Mustard or Kasundi

We are excited that our Regional Speciality section will have a fabulous new addition with Ananya Banerjee's Bengali Kasundi ( Mustard). Ananya is a formidable force in the culinary arts, a food- designer, an artist and a cook par excellence her first book Planet Gastronomy -100 Most Popular Global Recipes recently launched in Mumbai. A globe trotter [...]

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Regional Cuisine and the magic of Home Chefs is proud to showcase stellar products and ingredients from Home Chefs. Revel in their mastery over cuisine and their ability to recreate long [...]

Farm Fresh Milk

For all milk lovers who long for the taste of farm fresh milk we are happy to introduce freshly milked from the best breed cows fed on an organic farm, directly chilled on [...]

Date and Buttered Rum Cake

Our Date and Buttered Rum cake is an outstanding sweet offering from If you want to enjoy desserts which are naturally sweetened then this cake from [...]


High in protein and fibre quinoa is not only a powerhouse of health but tastes incredible and has a nice crunch. The demand and usage of quinoa has increased over the last [...]

Delight Your Dad

This Father's Day  enjoy a foodie trip down memory lane with Daddy dear. Do you remember the times when you and your Dad cooked together? It could be a simple meal or [...]

Organic Bel and Bel Sherbet

Today I'm all set to write about a fruit I'm pretty passionate about. Nothing reminds you more of balmy and lazy afternoons  than the humble Bel - also known as wood apple, [...]

Mini Choco Tarts

Box of delectable mini tarts with chocolate pralines. These bite size tarts literally melt in your mouth. Easy to eat or to [...]

Organic Alphonso mangoes

Organic Alphonso mangoes, grown organically with zero preservatives. The smell of the ripening mangoes is better than anything ever bottled. Reminds you of balmy summer [...]