Bengali Mustard or Kasundi

We are excited that our Regional Speciality section will have a fabulous new addition with Ananya Banerjee's Bengali Kasundi ( Mustard). Ananya is a formidable force in the culinary arts, a food- designer, an artist and a cook par excellence her first book Planet Gastronomy -100 Most Popular Global Recipes recently launched in Mumbai. A globe trotter [...]

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Eat eggs the Parsi style…

"Sunday ho ya Monday. Roz khao andey" Back in the 90's this hummable jingle extolled the virtues of eggs as a healthy option. In those days, the focus was only on the [...]

Thai Green Curry with Indian Basmati Rice

Thai Green Curry with Indian basmati Rice
Thai Green Curry with Indian Basmati Rice  Keralites do have an uncanny karmic connection with Thailanders when it comes to food. Take for instance, the boiled rice [...]

Chicken Soup for the Soul & Broccoli Soup…

It is said that there is many a slip between the cup and the lip- this statement holds true more literally  than symbolically.  The journey from platter to palate is [...]

Enjoy a Healthy Life with Fresh Organic Fruits and Veggies

organic fruits & vegetables
Organic has become a new way of life. Go back to your roots and savor delicious and fresh organic fruits and veggies. It's raining organic fruits and vegetables at [...]

Organic Foods for the Monsoon

The rainy season is arguably the most beautiful season. If one can get over the filth and the associated perils like sniffles and stomach upsets. Here are a list of [...]

5 Great Health Benefits of Luscious Mangoes

Luscious Mangoes
Summers have arrived! Time to gorge on sweet, juicy, succulent mangoes! Aah! The name sounds so good that just the mere mention of the name mango waters the mouth. Having [...]


Carrot Crackers
I recently came across an interesting piece of information and I must share here with my read ers. Swedes are greatly smitten to sweets. They take immense pride in their [...]


Gluten Free Flour
The more things change, the more they remain the same. After all, the world is round and farther you go from the starting point, the closer you come to it—but the journey [...]

Top 6 Benefits of Adding Olive Oil to Your Daily Diet

Organic Olive Oil
If you are fond of watching cookery shows, you must have seen the liberal use of olive oil by various local and International chefs in their dishes. Food connoisseurs just [...]

6 Unbeatable Benefits of Juices

“You can’t have a raw beetroot in the morning but you can definitely have a glass of beetroot juice.” “Can you eat leaves of raw spinach to supplement your iron [...]

Why Almonds Are Good for Our Health?

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You can eat almonds, raw or roasted or can add it to different dishes, and can enjoy its numerous health benefits. Almonds contain a variety of nutrients, including vitamins, [...]

Raka Chakrawarti at Roundtable Discussion – Make in India

Make in India Event 2016
Powered by She The People and presented by Franklin Templeton Investments, the Women Make In India roundtable meeting brought together five spectacular women achievers from [...]

Hey Presto—Have Some Miso!

Miso seasoning
Think Japan, think sake and sushi and kaizen and kabuki! We always knew Origami, Ikebana and Bonsai and sayonara but beyond that we remained uninitiated in earthy Japanese [...]

Are Chocolates for Health Freaks?

Dark Chocolates
Chocolates are delicious and are often termed as a high calorie dessert. We enjoy eating chocolates and also feel guilty, thinking about its ill effects, such as weight gain, [...]


Lavash Food
Long back in high school I read a statement-‘ Love of food is universal’---and it has stayed with me since then. Well, food here doesn’t mean the Roti, Kapda and Makan [...]

6 Berries You Must Include in Your Diet

Organic Food Online
Blue, Red, Black – berries are available in different colors and shapes. Loaded with antioxidants, berries are mouth-watering, colorful, flavorful and great heart healthy [...]

Gourmet Herb Collection

We are super excited about our gourmet herb & spices collection - featuring organic Fenugreek lemon grass, rosemary, thyme and birdseyechillies. Check out our more Gourmet [...]


I am a food enthusiast. Food to me is not a matter of forks and knives alone. It is indeed equally mouth-watering to explore the history and mystery of food. The stories [...]

Polenta – Celebrated Italian Cornmeal

Polenta Bramata
Historically served as a peasant food polenta now makes an appearance in fine dining restaurants. The celebrated Italian cornmeal can be made into terrines or served with [...]


Tofu or bean curd is made by coagulating soy milk and pressing  the resulting curd into soft white blocks. A regular feature in East Asian and Southeast cuisines, there are a [...]