Long back in high school I read a statement-‘ Love of food is universal’—and it has stayed with me since then. Well, food here doesn’t mean the Roti, Kapda and Makan type which is basic to survive, rather I am talking about gourmet food made with choicest, measured and carefully sourced ingredients.

With increasing diet consciousness and health consciousness, people want to eat in almost orthorexic proportions. Clearly-less is more. In that sense, gluttony is giving way to gourmet and simply edible is turning epicurean.

Whole Wheat Lavash Food

House parties – How to be an au courant host and make a mark


These are the days of hosting fine dining bespoke parties where the hostess and her fare is the touchstone to judge her style and sophistication. People want to be known by the kind of trademark parties that they throw. Generally, one doesn’t have to worry about the drinks as bartender takes care of that, but the most challenging part is the starters, the snacks to go with. Normally in every party, it is the dips and chips or vegetable sticks that do the rounds throughout, but I want to share ways to make your dips and chips interesting.

How to make use of Lavash in the coolest way

Lavash is a large, thin, soft or crisp flat bread with usually a rough surface from air bubbles. Lavash is said to have its origin in Armenia. It is popular in several countries of the northern parts of the Middle East and the southern parts of the Caucasus. In its dry form, left over lavash is used in Iran to make quick meals.

Armenian lavash is a very thin bread that can be kept well in a dry place. Another prominent feature of lavash is its versatility, which allows it to to used as a spoon, plate or saucepan. It ranges from soft and limber to crisp cracker type.

But I think the most innovative way to use lavash is to use it as a spoon filled with your favourite dip or salad and serve it on your lavash.


Four amazing ways to use lavash as a spoon filled with the favourite dip- remember one thing- all toppings should be put just before serving.

  1. Take some sprouts, garnish them with onion and tomato, and serve them on a piece of lavash.
    Make some olive tapenade and spread it on your lavash.
  2. If you want to give an Indian hint, then make small sev puri chaat, add a lot of pomegranate and put it on lavash.
  3. My favourite is to take some finely chopped mushrooms. Sauté them, add garlic to them and your filling is ready –add a bit of grated cheese and paprika.
  4. One can try as many varieties of dips and herbs as possible- one can try layering it with hummus or pesto or may be guacamole.

And serve them on big platters with just three or four on one — after all a jeweler doesn’t crowd his platter with diamonds but puts only a few to enhance the aesthetic value.

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Whole Wheat Lavash

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