Celebrate Onam

The festival season is upon us starting with Onam, the famous annual festival when Malayalis traditionally return home for a span of 10 days. Celebrated to welcome the beloved king Mahabali’s visit as well as coincide with summer harvest the festival has a lot of incredible activities from boat races to tiger dances and martial arts.

However the highlight is the Onam Sadhya. Traditionally served on a banana or plantain leaf this meal is truly one of the most delightful festive meals one can consume. A normal sadhya serves 24- 28 dishes with the prime dish being rice, with curries like sambhar, rasam, pulisseri, avail, thoran, khichdi and mango pickle. The side dishes include buttermilk and payasam.

A great Onam recipe follows:

A traditional Onam Sadhiya

A traditional Onam Sadhiya

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