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The real benefits of Watercress – Ritu Garg

WEIGH LESS WITH WATER CRESS Do you now an old story “The watercress girl ?”. It is about a young and poor eight year old girl who sells watercress [...]

The Making of Ravioli

The history of ravioli throws up many theories related to the invention of the ravioli. The one that I found quirky is that the dish was first invented by [...]

The Epicurean

Welcome to the Epicurean... In this series you will find anecdotes and travel memoirs of a seasoned Chef, who loves picking up delightful recipes from [...]

Edamame – India Mein

Edamame —India Mein Do in Rome as the Romans do. But do in India as the Japanese do!!! What the heck? No no, what the hack? Indians are adept at [...]

Thai Green Curry with Indian Basmati Rice

Thai Green Curry with Indian basmati Rice
Thai Green Curry with Indian Basmati Rice  Keralites do have an uncanny karmic connection with Thailanders when it comes to food. Take for instance, [...]

Hey Presto—Have Some Miso!

Miso seasoning
Think Japan, think sake and sushi and kaizen and kabuki! We always knew Origami, Ikebana and Bonsai and sayonara but beyond that we remained uninitiated in [...]