Organic Tender Spinach Salad

Organic Tender Spinach is so versatile that it is truly amazing. This remarkably easy to make salad takes just a few minutes, packs in all the nutrients your [...]

The connection between food allergies and your gut health – Anindita Rungta

Food allergies and sensitivities are rising exponentially across populations of people including children. Many of us have now become familiar with rising [...]

My foray into Farro – Ritu Garg

FARRO --- NOT FAR ANYMORE! This is the story how I started making Farro-gyro. But before I tell you that story, there is one more story that is very important [...]

Brussel Sprouts for the Season

Brussel Sprouts are a must on your table if you are celebrating this season. These mini cabbages can be cooked in a multitude of different ways, roasted, [...]

The Epicurean

Welcome to the Epicurean... In this series you will find anecdotes and travel memoirs of a seasoned Chef, who loves picking up delightful recipes from [...]

Celebrate Onam

The festival season is upon us starting with Onam, the famous annual festival when Malayalis traditionally return home for a span of 10 days. Celebrated to [...]

Summer Salads

So summer is officially here and there is no better way to celebrate it than with lots of juices and smoothies. Of course there is the ubiquitous salad which [...]

Eat eggs the Parsi style…

"Sunday ho ya Monday. Roz khao andey" Back in the 90's this hummable jingle extolled the virtues of eggs as a healthy option. In those days, the focus [...]

Organic Foods for the Monsoon

The rainy season is arguably the most beautiful season. If one can get over the filth and the associated perils like sniffles and stomach upsets. Here are [...]

Organic Alphonso mangoes

Organic Alphonso mangoes, grown organically with zero preservatives. The smell of the ripening mangoes is better than anything ever bottled. Reminds you of [...]