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Time to Upgrade your Lemonade – Ritu Garg

TIME TO UPGRADE YOUR LEMONADE— from mere lemons to Meyer lemons--- “When life offers you lemons, make lemonade !” goes the saying . But when [...]

The beauty of Roasted Vegetables

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Roasted vegetables are remarkably easy to make, they look wonderful on your table bursting with colour and energy and make a great side dish with almost [...]

Farmers Market Fresh Veggies are here !

Imagine your rustic table filled with delightful organic Chiogga Beets, Watermelon Radish, Rainbow carrots, Green Meat Radish, Purple Sweet Potatoes. With the [...]


Salmon fishing in the Yemen is an original storyline, and not your usual romantic comedy. It’s the film you can take your dad to, your mum to or even your [...]

The Epicurean

Welcome to the Epicurean... In this series you will find anecdotes and travel memoirs of a seasoned Chef, who loves picking up delightful recipes from [...]

Edamame – India Mein

Edamame —India Mein Do in Rome as the Romans do. But do in India as the Japanese do!!! What the heck? No no, what the hack? Indians are adept at [...]

Brinjal= Eggplant=Aubergine=Gourmet Delight

The biting cold outside did manage to touch me despite a shooting heat flowing from the heater in my cozy apartment in Jerusalem. The intrigue of the [...]

Breakfast eats: Mangalore Buns

Mangalore Buns with Hot Coffee
Hot cross buns One-a-penny Two-a-penny Hot cross buns We grew up humming this nursery rhyme as kids without knowing its significance. A typical [...]

Breakfast Eats – Potato Toast

Potato toast with Fresh Greens
Did you know that eating a good, healthy breakfast helps in weight loss and weight management? But if you skip this first crucial meal of the day your [...]

Go Greek with feta all the way!

Feta cheese is commonly used to toss up a traditional Greek salad. But Greeks who are the highest consumers of this cheese eat it daily like bread and it is a [...]

Chicken Soup for the Soul & Broccoli Soup…

It is said that there is many a slip between the cup and the lip- this statement holds true more literally  than symbolically.  The journey from platter [...]

Organic Foods for the Monsoon

The rainy season is arguably the most beautiful season. If one can get over the filth and the associated perils like sniffles and stomach upsets. Here are [...]


Gluten Free Flour
The more things change, the more they remain the same. After all, the world is round and farther you go from the starting point, the closer you come to [...]

Why Almonds Are Good for Our Health?

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You can eat almonds, raw or roasted or can add it to different dishes, and can enjoy its numerous health benefits. Almonds contain a variety of nutrients, [...]


I am a food enthusiast. Food to me is not a matter of forks and knives alone. It is indeed equally mouth-watering to explore the history and mystery of [...]