Gourmet Food

Time to Upgrade your Lemonade – Ritu Garg

TIME TO UPGRADE YOUR LEMONADE— from mere lemons to Meyer lemons--- “When life offers you lemons, make lemonade !” goes the saying . But when [...]

The Making of Ravioli

The history of ravioli throws up many theories related to the invention of the ravioli. The one that I found quirky is that the dish was first invented by [...]


Salmon fishing in the Yemen is an original storyline, and not your usual romantic comedy. It’s the film you can take your dad to, your mum to or even your [...]

Thai Green Curry with Indian Basmati Rice

Thai Green Curry with Indian basmati Rice
Thai Green Curry with Indian Basmati Rice  Keralites do have an uncanny karmic connection with Thailanders when it comes to food. Take for instance, [...]


Lavash Food
Long back in high school I read a statement-‘ Love of food is universal’---and it has stayed with me since then. Well, food here doesn’t mean the Roti, [...]