Brinjal= Eggplant=Aubergine=Gourmet Delight

The biting cold outside did manage to touch me despite a shooting heat flowing from the heater in my cozy apartment in Jerusalem. The intrigue of the Dead Sea and fatigue of Masada fort interfered with my sleep and I was up at 3 am thinking of eggplants.

So why did I get up with eggplant in my head?
So I am not a pescatarian, not an eggetarian, nor a vegan, not a freegan.
I am an old time simple vegetarian. I love my vegetables and Jerusalem celebrates this spirit more than any other country.
The roasted eggplant delicately spread intertwined with threads of curated mozzarella and embedded with seasoned pomegranate seeds along with homegrown bread made my lunch.

Eggplants are also known as melongene, garden egg, and guinea squash.

One vegetable which has had  Chefs across the world going gaga is Brinjal. When the world over people are trying to be fit and shapely, Brinjal comes as a great option as a carb-free diet

.The humble brinjal has come greatly to the rescue of vegetarians. Its sophisticated blandness with subtle taste allows  it to go well with any  meal. Brinjal is best used roasted to achieve that smokiness which makes it so so Brinjally.

Brinjal is loved for its fleshy texture and depth of fibrous layers.
Brinjal has really moved from just being baingan ka Bharata.. yes.

I love baingan ka bharta.  But somehow could not have it bland.. I needed copious amount of typical Indian masala to like  it..

That’s the only way I ate baingan.

My introduction to different uses of baingan was much later in Babaghanoush.
Baba Ghanoush is a Levantine dish of cooked eggplant buy here

mixed with tahini, olive oil and  fresh seasoning.

When I became a traveler, I saw eggplant as part of gourmet food..

In fact, eggplant is a great replacement for bread.

It is great for a non bread diet.
Egg plant
Replace eggplant slices as pieces of bread. Use Feta or chunky tomatoes for a striking contrast.

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