Blackberry Yogurt

I have been spending time, deciding on easy recipes with exotic ingredients. People love experimenting with new ideas but do not want complicated recipes which require too much skill and expertise. However, they would love to create memorable dishes for their loved ones and this easy yogurt falls in that category.

The ingredients for this recipe are Blackberries, Greek yogurt (plain) Vanilla Extract and Honey.

Extract the juice from the blackberries in a food processor, add a few drops of honey to sweeten the mix if it is too tart. Add the yogurt to this extract slowly, add honey if it tastes less sweet, a quarter cup is desirable to attain sweetness but it depends on how sweet you would like the yogurt to be. Add vanilla extract if desired and blend till smooth.

You can freeze it in a freezer or process in an ice cream mixer for a super creamy consistency. Add fresh blackberries and serve.

Blackberry Yogurt

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