Bengali Mustard or Kasundi

We are excited that our Regional Speciality section will have a fabulous new addition with Ananya Banerjee’s Bengali Kasundi ( Mustard).

Ananya is a formidable force in the culinary arts, a food- designer, an artist and a cook par excellence her first book Planet Gastronomy -100 Most Popular Global Recipes recently launched in Mumbai. A globe trotter with a predilection to food Ananya loves to cook and has in her repertoire, a vast storehouse of information on cuisine and cultural practises of the world.

Bengali Kasundi preparation is an art. And who better than Ananya to launch her own brand of Kasundi at

Raw mango with mustard seeds recreate the tangy spicy taste which goes “oh so well” with deep fried fritters, fish cutlets and other form of savoury dishes! It is a must have and for those of you who have not tried it we are convinced that you will love it!

Ananya’s Kasundi is freshly prepared and in batches so pick yours soon. Debuting only at in the Regional Specialities section

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