Time to Upgrade your Lemonade – Ritu Garg


from mere lemons to Meyer lemons—

“When life offers you lemons, make lemonade !” goes the saying . But when Gourmetdelight offers you, Meyer Lemons, make not just lemonade but upgrade—yes upgrade you lemony dishes and not only that, thrive on the scent of Meyer Lemons. There is more to lemons than meets the eye, read, pie !! ‘

What on earth are Meyer lemons, after all?

Meyer lemons are soft, plumpy, smooth-skinned, dark and canary yellow lemons who get their name from the person who first saw them. Meyer Lemon owes its presence to USDA’s agriculture researcher Frank Meyer who found them during his visit to Asia.
Difference between a regular lemon and meyer lemon
Meyer lemon is a cross between lemon and mandarin orange, and hence naturally has sourness of lemon and sweetness of orange, the sharpness of lemon and melody of orange, and the goodness of fruit and a vegetable.
Meyer lemons are sweeter, so if you are making a lemonade, you may go with less sugar.
Meyer lemons have highly intoxicating floral scent. so it leaves it’s scent on whoever touches it. Let your pet play with it and then it will smell lemony fragrance and aroma, you see, Meyer lemon smells of lemon plus honey plus thyme— it is less acidic ,more sweet,you hold it and your hand smells.


Meyer Lemons

Meyer lemons are much rounder with Edible skin and that’s why their skin is edible and is used in many desserts and salads

What can you do with a Meyer ?

Meyer H2O—

There is water and then there is healthy water. Add Meyer lemon slices to your water, a hint of mint, and a sedge of meyer lemon –and you are sorted.
Meyer lemon Bakes.
If you want to give your bakes a twist, just add some drops of meyer lemon juice after you have made the batter and you can even add its rind. Your bake will have floral and fruity scent and it will leave your guests wondering which essence.
Meyer lemon Cheesecake.
Meyer lemon is very wonderful ingredient for your no-bake cakes such as cheesecake .
I have a very simple recipe of cheesecake. Take 12 Marie Biscuits or any multigrain biscuits. Crush them and mix it will little butter and lay them on the layer . Now for the second layer, take 150 grams low fat paneer, half tin of milkmaid, 1 teaspoon vanilla essence ( optional) and now the final twist, add juice of 5 lemons of which 3 could be your Meyer Lemons and churn this all in a mixer till it is smooth . Now lay it on top of the layers of biscuits. leave it in fridge to get firm , now you can top the layer with any seasonal fruit such as strawberry, mulberry and mangoes.
you Meyer Cheesecake is ready.

Chia seeds and Meyeri Lemon Smoothie-
This is my favourite smoothie. I always keep my chia seed vegan mix ready to use in This is my favourite smoothie. I always keep my chia seed vegan mix ready to use in any smoothies or any layered firm parfait.
Take fresh coconut milk and add add a tablespoonful of chia seeds to this , add a bit of dates paste and keep it in refrigerator. Now you can make your favourite smoothie and once it is ready add a teaspoonful of chia seed coconut dressing on it and then add two drops of meyeri lemon–.
Twist to Essentially Indian Halwas and Sheeras.
Meyeri Lemon has taken me by its charm. So all of us have eaten pineapple halwa at Arya Bhavan. Why not make Meyeri Lemon Halwa. Make your Suji Halwa/sheera , the way you make it and then when ready and you have switched off the gas, add a few drops of Meyeri Lemon juice. This will be twisty,tasty, tender Suji Halwa for you.
Greens and lemons
any greens, kale, spinach, sauté them in garlic and add nautral herbs, and a hint of meyer lemon, you will love them.

-Cut your fruits and add your Meyer lemon juice to it
-It can be used for sauces desserts salad and roasts.
-Add it to your pasta and risotto.
– Infuse your olive oil with Meyer lemon
–You can candy the peel , dust it with brown sugar
check this versatile lemon and change the way you use lemons..

I would like to end with Maya Angelou’s quote—
In all my work , I try to say-“ You may be given a load of sour lemons, why not try to make a dozen of lemon meringue pies?”
and one more

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