Edamame – India Mein

Edamame —India Mein


Edamame with sea salt

Do in Rome as the Romans do. But do in India as the Japanese do!!! What the heck? No no, what the hack? Indians are adept at adopting and adapting. It is true in all walks of life—particularly in fashion and food .Adaptation needs curiosity, creativity and audacity and we have it in gushing supply. So when it comes to food culture, this very spirit of learning and incorporating has expanded depths and breadth has added veritable hues to what we make. We cook an Indian meal with as much flourish as we can conjure up an Oriental ,Occidental,Arabic and Lebanese meal not tempering with the ethos of that cuisine.

We can keep up with the Joneses to make them follow us—so interesting !!

Now you must wonder why I am creating so much fuss. A lot of my learning has happened serendipitously. And this is no exception that I discovered edamame in a stationery shop. Food in a stationery shop!! Yes indeed. I was in a Japanese stationery shop and was checking out cute stationery for kids I am fascinated with Japanese work with cute things. So I was rummaging through erasers of various hues and colours and I found a watermelon, a banana and then even a passion fruit— it was kinda cute,you see. We really don’t need to go to Himalayas to meditate. A visit to a stationery shop can do the job. And then there it was. An elongated green cute, glossy, verdantly green pod—and I blurted –“ Pea Pod.” “Nope”,said the shopkeeper visibly amused – “Edamame!! Yess… Edamame it is.”

To add to the cuteness, the middle bean of each pod has one of six faces on it. You wont know which one you get until you pop it. He told me Edamame is a vegetable——and the next thing I did was to explore it.

What is edamame?

An uninitiated person can easily confuse it with a pea pod or a snowpea. But it is neither of these. Edamame bean is a preparation of immature soybeans in the pod found in cuisines of China, Japan, Korea and Hawaii. The pods are boiled or steamed and served with salt.It offers the nutrition of soy without its powdery and chalky taste.

Edamame is a young soyabean that has been harvested before the beans have had a chance to harden.They are much yummier than they sound. Edamame is the perfect little pick me up snack. They are fuzzy little pods served with salt. You can buy them shelled or in the pod, fresh or frozen.

Edamame and other beans

Edamame is different from snow peas. Snow peas are eaten without removing them from the pod. Edamame plants are bushy and free standing with inedible ,fuzzy pods. The beans bulge visibly, and the pods are ready to pick when they seem nearly full. The bean texture resembles the tender crispness of lima beans.Green beans that look closely related to peas. Except flatter, a slightly duller shade of green and with fine hairs on the pods.In china,edamame beans are called maodoujia or hairy bean pod and served boiled with salt. It just needs gentle steaming and simplest condiment world, edamame beans pair well with a number of ingredients.Gentle cooking techniques as as sauteing and stir frying.

Edamame and me

Some foods are for the soul. Edamame is fun to see. They say that the taste of pudding is in eating. But in case of Edamame, the moment I saw those fresh pods, my mouth watered vicariously seeking its tender texture and its verdant presence. It is a kind of mind spa for their cuteness, softness and tenderness. These plump green legumes are addictively sweet.

How to use Edamame

Cut off the stem end of each pod. Wash edamame well adding salt to the boiling water. Put them in a bowl. Sprinkle a pinch of salt and rub edamame with salt. How to incorporate more edamame in your diet.It has a mild buttery flavor that pairs well with many dishes. Soups, stews, salsas, rice dishes or casseroles he most common way to enjoy edamame is traight from the pod, sprinkle with sea salt.

Health and edamame

Edamame is naturally gluten free and low calorie contains no cholesterol and is an excellent source of protein, iron and calcium., it is an especially important source of protein for those who follow a plant based diet. Isoflavones help to ward off depression, breast cancer and such things.It has all the properties of soy protein.It reduces the risk of obesity and overall mortality , diabetes and heart disease and promotes healthy complexion and hair, increased energy and an overall well being and it is heart healthy.

India and Edamame

India is one of the largest producers of soy beans and we are just beginning to enjoy the joys of this wonder bean.

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