Dressings and Curry Pastes

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Raavi Canned Coconut Milk 400ML
Canned coconut milk from Raavi. ..
Rs. 92
Ex Tax: Rs. 92
Real Thai Coconut Milk  Lite 400ML
Light Coconut Milk from Real Thai. ..
Rs. 130
Ex Tax: Rs. 130
Real Thai Coconut Milk 400ML
Contains coconut extract and water ..
Rs. 170
Ex Tax: Rs. 170
Real Thai Coconut Milk Organic 400ML
Organic coconut milk from Real Thai made from the freshest and finest organic coconuts. Makes great ..
Rs. 220
Ex Tax: Rs. 220
Real Thai Fish Sauce 200ML
The base for making most Thai curries fish sauce is a must have ingredient for most Thai cuisine.&nb..
Rs. 175
Ex Tax: Rs. 175
Real Thai Green Curry Paste Soup 60GMS
Green curry paste soup from Real Thai. This authentic  soup paste can be used to create Thai so..
Rs. 60
Ex Tax: Rs. 60
Real Thai Red Curry Paste 227gm
Authentic red curry paste from real Thai, for creating the most outstanding Thai red curry. ..
Rs. 200
Ex Tax: Rs. 200
Real Thai Red Curry Paste Soup 60gm
The ultimate soup which packs a punch, the red curry paste soup. ..
Rs. 60
Ex Tax: Rs. 60
Real Thai Yellow Curry Paste 50 gm
Real Thai Yellow Curry Paste..
Rs. 60
Ex Tax: Rs. 60
Green Tokri Gherkins Sliced
Farm fresh pickled sliced gherkins with no preservatives, use them in your subs, cheese toasts and s..
Rs. 89
Ex Tax: Rs. 89
Freshcon Shredded Coconut 100GMS
The freshest shredded coconut you can get Frozen shredded coconut no preservatives - all natural. I..
Rs. 40
Ex Tax: Rs. 40
Blue Elephant Green Curry Paste 70g
Authentic Thai green paste that has just the right balance of spices, lemongrass flavor is..
Rs. 255
Ex Tax: Rs. 255
Blue Elephant Massaman Curry Paste 70g
Made from authentic thai ingredients, free from artificial colouring and preservatives, no msg added..
Rs. 255
Ex Tax: Rs. 255
Blue Elephant Panaeng Curry Paste 70g
Great Panaeng curry paste made in a jiffy. ..
Rs. 255
Ex Tax: Rs. 255
Blue Elephant Red Curry Paste 70g
Free from preservatives, MSG and artificial colours, the red curry paste is an authentic thai recipe..
Rs. 255
Ex Tax: Rs. 255
Blue Elephant Tom Kha Soup Paste 70g
This coconut base Thai soup is delightful in the cold weather. Boil 500gms water, add 400 ml of..
Rs. 255
Ex Tax: Rs. 255
Blue Elephant Tom Yam Soup Paste 70g
The ultimate paste for Tom Yam Soup, add galangal, lemongrass, kaffir lime leaves, thai chilli and q..
Rs. 255
Ex Tax: Rs. 255
GreenTokri Oriental Dressing
An oriental light dressing containing soy sauce, vinegar, ginger, garlic, refined oil and sesame see..
Rs. 99
Ex Tax: Rs. 99
Mutti Finely Chopped Tomatoes
100% Italian finely chopped tomatoes..
Rs. 195
Ex Tax: Rs. 195
Pure and Sure Organic Desiccated Coconut 250GM
Desiccated coconut can be used as an ingredient in sweet and savoury recipes both to impart a coconu..
Rs. 152
Ex Tax: Rs. 152
Real Thai Coconut Cream 400ML
Real Thai Coconut cream with the taste of actual coconuts. Grown under a natural environment they pr..
Rs. 215
Ex Tax: Rs. 215
Theo Organics Himalayan Sweet Kiwi Relish 250GMS
This sweet and tangy relish is ideal as a spread with your breads and other baked products. ..
Rs. 265
Ex Tax: Rs. 265
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A variety of innovative dressings, curry pastes. 

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