Our Oils and condiments section contains a variety of healthy alternatives ranging from imported olive oils to infused oils. We also stock a range organic oils and single origin oils. Our condiments section is varied and interesting with products guaranteed to delight you.

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Pungent, mildly sweet undertones make Green Tokri's german mustard a delightful addition to your kit..
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Certified pure organic olive oil from Organic Origins ..
Rs. 513
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Organic coconut oil is sourced directly from farmers and from organically certified farms. ..
Rs. 290
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Colavita Extra Virgin Olive Oil has the consistent, smooth flavor yielded by first cold pressing rip..
Rs. 350
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Raw, Organic, certified  Organic Raw Apple Cider Vinegar is unfiltered, unheated, unpasteurized..
Rs. 390
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Made from sap present in the flower buds of an organic palm tree, it is a natural sugar which is min..
Rs. 390
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Farm fresh pickled sliced gherkins with no preservatives, use them in your subs, cheese toasts and s..
Rs. 89
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Organic Wild Forest honey from Organic India, smooth , fragrant perfectly sweet and irresistibly del..
Rs. 195
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Stoneground Almond cashew butter, preservative free and chemical free. ..
Rs. 549
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Authentic Thai green paste that has just the right balance of spices, lemongrass flavor is..
Rs. 255
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Blue Elephant's light soya sauce is made from pure yellow beans. This mildly salted sauce is a great..
Rs. 225
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Made from authentic thai ingredients, free from artificial colouring and preservatives, no msg added..
Rs. 255
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Prepared with Apricots, cane sugar, white sugar this preserve is a great wat to start your day. Its ..
Rs. 395
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A great balance of sweet oranges with a bitter taste...
Rs. 275
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A great balance of sweet oranges with a bitter taste...
Rs. 425
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For those who enjoy the taste of blackberries all year round...
Rs. 395
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The great taste of ripe luscious strawberries ibn every mouthful. Use it on your toast, waffles or ..
Rs. 395
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A remarkable sherry vinegar which has no true substitute, it's the one vinegar you should always hav..
Rs. 485
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Cold extract of olives, old-pressed from the best fruit of the olive tree, it is the natural juice s..
Rs. 945
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Colavita Pure Olive Oil has a lighter taste than extra virgin oilve oil.This oil's subtle oaky aroma..
Rs. 825
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Colavita Red wine vinegar is made from the finest ingredients and enhances the taste of your dish...
Rs. 260
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Produced by blending authentic balsamic grape with wine vinegar made from 100% chardonnay grapes. Th..
Rs. 395
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The famous peri peri hot sauce. ..
Rs. 175
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This is pure unprocessed honey from bees feasting on the wildly growing harde plant. The honey is co..
Rs. 460
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Palm jaggery is made from coconut juice without using any chemicals. It has a natural chocolatey tas..
Rs. 177
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Creamed Himalayan honey with cranberries. ..
Rs. 400
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This light, airy and fresh apple cider vinegar from Dolce Vita is made from a selection of the best ..
Rs. 305
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A blend of 100% italian extra virgin olive oils and refined oils. Best enjoyed raw drizzled on salad..
Rs. 685
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