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Naturally Yours Organic Apple Cider Vinegar with the Mother 500ML
Raw, Organic, certified  Organic Raw Apple Cider Vinegar is unfiltered, unheated, unpasteurized..
Rs. 390
Ex Tax: Rs. 390
Green Tokri Gherkins Sliced
Farm fresh pickled sliced gherkins with no preservatives, use them in your subs, cheese toasts and s..
Rs. 89
Ex Tax: Rs. 89
Freshcon Shredded Coconut 100GMS
The freshest shredded coconut you can get Frozen shredded coconut no preservatives - all natural. I..
Rs. 40
Ex Tax: Rs. 40
Blue Elephant Light Soya Sauce
Blue Elephant's light soya sauce is made from pure yellow beans. This mildly salted sauce is a great..
Rs. 225
Ex Tax: Rs. 225
Bonne Maman Apricot Preserve
Prepared with Apricots, cane sugar, white sugar this preserve is a great wat to start your day. Its ..
Rs. 395
Ex Tax: Rs. 395
Bonne Maman Strawberry Preserve
The great taste of ripe luscious strawberries ibn every mouthful. Use it on your toast, waffles or ..
Rs. 395
Ex Tax: Rs. 395
Dolce Vita Apple Cider Vinegar
This light, airy and fresh apple cider vinegar from Dolce Vita is made from a selection of the best ..
Rs. 305
Ex Tax: Rs. 305
Dolce Vita Olive Oil
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This balanced oil is a blend of EVOO and refined oils. Best used in Mediterranean style cooking or t..
Rs. 530
Ex Tax: Rs. 530
Eco  Fresh Multiflora Honey
Eco Fresh Multiflower Honey , this honey is made from a variety of fresh flowers by pollinating bees..
Rs. 170
Ex Tax: Rs. 170
Eco Fresh Jaggery
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It is a pure jaggery. It prevents constipation and detoxifies liver. It is a natural body ..
Rs. 60
Ex Tax: Rs. 60
Eco Fresh Jaggery Powder
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Organic jaggery powder from Eco Fresh  Jaggery contains more nutrients as compared with r..
Rs. 90
Ex Tax: Rs. 90
Eco Fresh Organic Brown Sugar
Organic Brown Sugar processed without chemicals and from organically grown cane. Brown sugar c..
Rs. 63
Ex Tax: Rs. 63
Eco Fresh Sugar (White & Sulphurless)
Sulphur less sugar is considered a healthy alternative ..
Rs. 60
Ex Tax: Rs. 60
Fragata Gherkins
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A pickled cucumber which has been left in brine or vinegar and left to ferment for a long time. Gher..
Rs. 160
Ex Tax: Rs. 160
GreenTokri Oriental Dressing
An oriental light dressing containing soy sauce, vinegar, ginger, garlic, refined oil and sesame see..
Rs. 99
Ex Tax: Rs. 99
Himalayan Infused Raw Honey in 4 Flavours
Himalayan infused raw honey in four flavours, Cinnamon, Vanilla, Ginger, Orange Peel. Now get ..
Rs. 950
Ex Tax: Rs. 950
Himalayan Lychee Raw Honey
Savour the goodness of raw unprocessed honey collected from the pristine environs of the mighty Hima..
Rs. 210
Ex Tax: Rs. 210
Himalayan Raw Lychee Honey
Raw Lychee honey from the foothills of the Himalayas. ..
Rs. 580
Ex Tax: Rs. 580
Naturally Yours Coconut Sugar 200GMS
Known to be a natural sweetener, coconut sugar is a sugar produced from the sap of cut flower buds o..
Rs. 199
Ex Tax: Rs. 199
Naturally Yours Groundnut Oil 1L
Organic Groundnut Oil..
Rs. 365
Ex Tax: Rs. 365
Naturally Yours Organic Coconut Oil 350ML
Extracted from organic certified coconut trees in the pristine fields of Karnataka, Naturally Yours ..
Rs. 435
Ex Tax: Rs. 435
Naturally Yours Sesame Oil 1L
Cold pressed sesame oil..
Rs. 455
Ex Tax: Rs. 455
Organic India Stevia Natural Sweetner- 25 Sachets
Organic India Stevia Natural Sweetner- 25 Sachets..
Rs. 95
Ex Tax: Rs. 95
Organic India Turmeric Capsule 60's
Turmeric is now considered a superfood in the West. India has long known the secrets of this wonderf..
Rs. 295
Ex Tax: Rs. 295
Praakritik Raw Sugar ( Sulphur Free )
Sulphur free organic raw sugar, untreated with harmful chemicals. The sugar we produce is raw,..
Rs. 90
Ex Tax: Rs. 90
Pure and Sure Organic Groundnut Oil 500ML
Organic Groundnut oil..
Rs. 210
Ex Tax: Rs. 210
Pure and Sure Organic Sunflower Oil 500ML
Pure and Sure organic sunflower oil ..
Rs. 145
Ex Tax: Rs. 145
Theo Organics Himalayan Sweet Kiwi Relish 250GMS
This sweet and tangy relish is ideal as a spread with your breads and other baked products. ..
Rs. 265
Ex Tax: Rs. 265
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Our Oils and condiments section contains a variety of healthy alternatives ranging from imported olive oils to infused oils. We also stock a range organic oils and single origin oils. Our condiments section is varied and interesting with products guaranteed to delight you.

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